Feb 3, 2011

A Real Bloodbath

I found The Morning Call headline interesting, Bloodbath in Cairo. Although the 5 deaths between the opposing groups of demonstrators is indeed tragic, nobody was truly innocent. Any protester in such circumstances realizes that there is always an element of danger. The protesters were there by free choice. Elsewhere in Egypt, two families of Coptic Christians were massacred in their own house; 11 people, including children. That was a bloodbath.


gary ledebur said...

Good point. The violence in Cairo is of note not because of the extent of it but because of who started it and the fact that it targeted the news media. I suspect that this post indicates some support for the existing regime, perhaps I am wrong, but the violence against journalists (Anderson Cooper of CNN beat up) was instigated by Mubarak's hired thugs. Mubarak must go and go now! The United States can no longer support thugs on camels attacking our reporters.

michael molovinsky said...

gary, to address both your comments, here and the previous post. i don't see the point of second guessing 30 years of U.S. middle east policy. I think being an advocate for our form of democracy would generally be a waste of effort in most of the middle east. this post is pretty straight forward. i don't think anybody in that square, including anderson cooper, should be surprised if violence occurs. we shot our own students at kent state. obama is still trying to bribe egypt with the aid package, just with different demands.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding point about innonence.

Anyone out on the streets nowadays in Cairo, whether pro-Muslim Brotherhood or otherwise, knows exactly where they are and what they are looking for.

Like Mubarak has a monopoly on thugs.

I highly doubt that and whoever does not is incredibly as well as dangerously naive.

Patrick McHenry said...

MM -

The bigger story is (as always) what the "mainstream" media chooses to cover (abroad and at home) - and why.

gary ledebur said...

The lack of sympathy for oppression by government is very telling here. One would think that the lessons of WWII would remind people of the evils of non-democratic state authority. I guess it depends on who the victims are.

Anonymous said...


Your complete lack of apparent understanding with respect to Real Politik and just exactly who is fueling the mob is quite telling, as well.

What an absoute joke, saying the Muslim Brotherhood is welcome to participate in government --- "IF IT SWEARS OFF VIOLENCE"

Tell me the Progressive Liberal heroes in powers of position in our government are really THAT stupid...

Are you really foolish enough to believe a free and democratic Egypt is coming out of this?


Just like Iran in 1979, right?

Chris Casey said...

Those who foget the past are condemned to repeat it.
as for all the "revolution" going on, I would like to recommend to all of you a book.
Read "Fall Of Giants" by Ken Follett. It has a brilliant retelling of the political intrigue that lead up to WWI and the aftermath, especially the Revolution in Russia.
The historical points covered there are even more relevant today.

Anonymous said...

MM: you reference Kent State. I wonder when the American press (not to mention Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) will start blaming Nixon for Cairo.

Anonymous said...

I realize this is a blog, but have you guys noticed how freely the maintream press is using the term 'thugs' to describe the anti-protesters? Not very 'balanced', is it?