Feb 3, 2011

Defending Tel Aviv, 1948

A couple years ago ElBaradei stated that Egypt must stop demonizing the Brotherhood. A couple days ago the Brotherhood said that they would support ElBardadei as President. A ElBaradei/Brotherhood government could be in the cards for Egypt. Egypt processes the largest F16 squadron in the Arab world. Such a change in Egypt would certainly pose a danger to Israel.

The first time Israel faced the Egyptian Airforce was in May of 1948, after being declared an independent country for only one day. Children helped fill sandbags to defend

Israel's modern city of Tel Aviv

Israel's army consisted of former fighters from the Irgun and Haganah, two para-military groups formed during the British Mandate period.

Egyptian Spitfire shot down on Tel Aviv beach, 1948


Anonymous said...
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michael molovinsky said...

anon 6:11, i have relocated your comment to the jan. 24th post on the lost black neighborhood of allentown. thanks for the input.

gary ledebur said...

Interesting and important posting, Tribune. In order to keep Mubarak on our side we have bribed him with lots of weapons and delivery systems. This is the problems with short-sighted foreign policy that I believe the current administration is addressing. The United States should be seen as a beacon of freedom, democratic values and a champion for peace around the world. Efforts to play "real politic" are not wise. The Chinese have a saying, "Wisdom in the planting of trees, the shade of which one will not experience."

Anonymous said...

And the Chinese have 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner LIU XIAOBO planted in jail at the moment...

Anonymous said...

...I am so glad we have a strong, tough, Reagan-esque leader (it's what the MSM is saying these days) like President Obama and a well-respected Secretary of State Hellary Clinton to stand up to the Communist Chinese on behalf of Freedom, Liberty and Western-style Democracy.

Mubarak better do what these two say!

Anonymous said...

Gary L. Do you really believe that Egypt or any muslim country can be changed into a democracy in just a few years. You said:
"short-sighted foreign policy that I believe the current administration is addressing." Obama knows little about foreign policy since he spent his formative years in Kenya and fighting for more rights for his "victims" in Chicago. The Democrats have created most of these victims with their social "give away" policies. Now back to Obama and his foreign policy expertise or lack thereof.
The best we can hope for is a gradual change from being hostile, like Iraq was under Hussein, to moving to a moderate dictator, then to a more US friendly country. Then after a number of years we just might be able to change them into a free secular society after the people get a taste of freedom. As the saying goes, "an enemy of my enemy is my friend". I spent much time in Libya in the early 60's when they were friendly to us. Now, they are not. The same goes with Iran. Those changes occurred during the time the Democrats controlled Mideast policies like Carter and Clinton. Carter always hated Israel and Clinton spent too much time chasing his interns.