Jan 31, 2011

The Ultimate Insult

It's easy to insult and demean Mubarak, simply draw a Star of David over his photograph. For the vast majority of people watching the news unfold in Egypt, that star is barely noticeable. Even Jimmy Carter barely notices, and he brokered the Camp David Peace in 1979. A regime change in Egypt is almost certain, tomorrow calls for a million person protest. That star will be drawn over thousands of pictures. As tourists flee the chaos in Cairo, Europeans are still arriving at Sharm el-Sheikh.

Developed by Israel in the mid 1970's at the tip of the Sinai peninsula, the resort was handed over to the Egyptians in 1982. The Egyptian military has increased it's presence there in the last few days, to enhance tourist safety. Needless to say, the drawn star strikes a reaction in Jews and Israelis. Not all Egyptians are out on the streets. The Coptic and other Christian minorities are keeping a low profile, they too notice the star.


gary ledebur said...

MM: I applaud your timely blog and focusing on the situation in Cairo. You had in excess of 30 posts this weekend. Nevertheless I, in keeping with the practice of most posters, have a minor disagreement with you. The uprising has little to do with Israel. Mubarak has been an oppressive dictator. He has had 30 years to institute the democratic changes he has advocated. Like most despots he craves power. Most of the protesters in the streets, not the fundamental Islamists (emphasis added), but the students and workers just want what we, the Israelis, and much of the world takes for granted, i.e. freedom and democracy. We need to remember not just 9/11/2001 but also 7/4/1776.

michael molovinsky said...

gary, i don't disagree with you that poverty and oppression fueled the uprising. however, if you ask the protesters why they hate mubarak, israel will likely top the list. as they talk more, you will hear old canards, from even before modern israel existed.

Katie Bee said...

I don't know, my Jewish roommate and another Jewish friend of mine are actively protesting Mubarak in mirror demonstrations here in DC. Their relatives (and friends who are stuck in Cairo for the school's study abroad program) are also taking part in the protests.

michael molovinsky said...

katie, there are few groups with more divergent viewpoints than the jews. also the jews are incredibly liberal. i have no doubt that the next egyptian regime will be more hostile to israel, if only to satisfy the street.

ironpigpen said...

Dear Ms. Bee,

There is no doubt Mubarak is the second coming of the Shah of Iran.

There is no doubt that Mubarak's days are numbered.

About all he can do now is roll tanks and that is merely delaying the inevitable.

There is no doubt who WILL fill the POWER VACUUM, either.

I would sincerely council your Jewish friends to review history more carefully.

Remind your friends, there were many Jews in Germany at the beginning of the 1930s who were unwilling or unable to fully comprehend who they were dealing with.

michael molovinsky said...

i hazard an opinion (although i haven't heard the news today) that egypt will stay in hands of the military. that they will find someone who satisfies the different fractions. if el-baradei fills this bill remains to be seen. at this point i do not see the military relinquishing to an Islamist state.

ironpigpen said...

A ruling Military Junta will do little to satisfy the excited American Main Stream Media...

More importantly, what I want to know is - where is the head of the rank and file Egyptian solider at?

Twenty years ago, the Romanian army was sent out to squash ended up joining the demonstrators against the oppresive Ceausescu regime...

Anonymous said...

MM: You are not watching the same news I am. I have yet to hear a protester mention Israel. The hate Mobarak because of his policies and lack of human rights. These folks want a government that provides jobs, real elections and doesn't throw people in jail without trials. Not everything in the middle east is about Israel.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34

Did you watch the video MM posted?

Clearly, you did not.

To assist you, the woman in the video tells the reporter - in English :

"All the people hate him (Mubarak). He (Mubarak) is supporting Israel. ISRAEL IS OUR ENEMY"

Another memorable quote from the lady brimming with civility :

"We hate them all."