Jan 27, 2011

The Hubris of Northampton County

Bernie O'Hare is clearly now the Propaganda Minister for Northampton County. Long behind the scenes, he's now officially part of the lawsuit against the citizen's referendum regarding Gracedale. Considering that Angle was Council President when the decision to sell was made, and still is the dominator there, one need question his judgement with this suit. Should an elected representative be a joint signer with someone who portrays the taxpayers as goons and an unruly mob? The Election Commission, in rejecting the right of referendum in regard to Gracedale, was advised by the Solicitor, who in turn was tutored by the lawyer hired to facilitate the sale.* The citizens of Northampton deserve more respect.

above illustration used by Bernie O'Hare to represent the Save Gracedale Citizens

*At least one council person criticized Spadoni for having contact with Mark Stewart, of the Harrisburg law firm the county hired to help with the sale. Last week, Stewart sent Spadoni a memo explaining why the petition did not conform to the home rule charter.
Councilman Lamont McClure, a Democrat opposed to the sale, called the contact problematic.
"The Election Commission solicitor should provide the best possible advice to the Election Commission without the pollution of interpretation of law by the lawyer hired to sell Gracedale," McClure said Monday.
The Morning Call:January 26,2011 by Jenna Portnoy


Allentown taxpayer said...

"Should an elected representative be a joint signer with someone who portrays the taxpayers as goons and an unruly mob?"
Should it be even worthy of note that these two have formally teamed up? They have been unofficial partners since Day One.
What is notable is your recognition that anything this blogger spouts is propaganda that he has been carrying like water for his masters. Now, if only that recognition on your part was consistent and not based on whether you've been taken off the blogger's guest list. You can't have it both ways, MM, you can't turn a bind eye (or -- cripes -- even praise him) on some days and then point out his complete absence of fair play and consequential deficiencies when you two engage in your regular snits. To repeat a phrase, it's intellectually dishonest.
If I were a betting man, I'd say the under/over for you two to kiss and make up is 3 days.

michael molovinsky said...

taxpayer, fyi, mr. o'hare and i haven't spoken for at least two years. my praise of him has been strictly limited to his work ethic as a blogger; he does attend more meetings and write more posts than any other. i have regularly pointed out that he carries water, and for whom. i have commented on his blog when i felt a different POV was in order. he, for the most part, has limited his comments here to explain or defend himself. as i commented previously, i pride myself on the "honesty" of this blog. sorry you view it differently.

michael molovinsky said...

p.s. being banned from commenting at bernie's is no hardship for me. yesterday, at the time he deleted my comment, only mine and one other were signed, and the other was a pen-name. bernie rages against anonymous "cowards", but then bans one of the few who use a real name.

ironpigpen said...

Check out Bernie's posts and corresponding comments.

I would venture to guess attendance is seriously down today.

Gee, I wonder why.

Perhaps Mr. Molovinsky is correct in his estimation that the only "real" people who ever show up at Bernie's WILL BE banned the minute O'Hare realizes he is losing any given argument and his phony civility finger-pointing has been spotted by the blind man on the corner.

Allentown taxpayer said...

But if the "hard work" is a means to a questionable end (understated for civility's sake), why praise him at all? A vigorous work ethic does not excuse or mitigate one's agenda.

michael molovinsky said...

taxpayer, your view is expressed. i'll decline a direct answer to redirect the thread back to the topic. should angle have been party to o'hare's lawsuit? is the advise of the solicitor tainted?

Anonymous said...

"i'll decline a direct answer to redirect"

Typical Molovinsky.