Dec 6, 2010

The News

It's not easy to find the news anymore. MSNBC hosts the condescending Olberman and Maddow from the far left, while Fox has it's right wing showmen. CNN has decided that comedians are qualified to analyze the state of the nation. Viewers looking for insight, are instead given a performance by Bill Maher or Jon Stewart. As a guest on a national news hour, young viewers must assume that these clowns are informed. This weekend, Bill Maher explained away the shift in independent voters from Democrat to Republican, as people who "don't pay attention." I'm glad that Bill and Jon are now pundits, because they were never that funny as comedians.


Anonymous said...

The News
Mr. Molovinsky,
Perhaps you may wish to investigate this new news and write about it? This past week the S. 4th Street Wachovia replaced its former sign with an enormous new sign that stands higher than anything on the block. Isn't this against Allentown commercial sign codes? If not, why then did many of this bank's southside business neighbors spend lots of hard-earned business dollars replacing their taller signs during the past few years with shorter ones only to have this blight now on one of the city's main blocks?

gary ledebur said...

Excellent point about world and national news. Outside of some newspapers, e.g. Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and I would add PBS Newshour, there are few serious and professional journalistic sources of information today. Young folks get their news on the web and even the most sophisticated tailor their news to what interests them. My sister-in-law who is very smart only gets news about science and Phoenixville, Pa.

Jon Geeting said...

Solution: turn off cable news. Read the NYT and Financial Times for national news, Inquirer and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for statewide news, and a cocktail of the papers and local blogs for local news.

For the record, you can't equate MSNBC to Fox. Until Fox gives an unreformed Democratic congressman his own show, they are not the same. Until MSNBC lets its partisan editorial line spill over into all of its straight reporting, they are not the same.

michael molovinsky said...

jon, fyi, let me take this opportunity to address and correct a post line you made on your blog, that i criticize allentown, without offering solutions. years
ago, allentown wasn't broke, in all terms. i have been loud and present on each step which degraded the city. i opposed the police pensions. i opposed the parking authority policies. i opposed the removal of lanta from hamilton street, etc. etc. i ran as a candidate, and have hosted several town hall type meetings, where i elaborated on each position i took.

ironpigpen said...

New York City tax-payer Jonny Carpetbagger of Lehigh Valley "Independent" blog infamy does not know jack about the history of Allentown.

His posts make that quite clear.

Jonny knows one thing - the Progressive Liberal Democrat agenda.

Jonny boy did not grow up here, go to school here, ever hold a full-time job here.

Forget about institutional memory -it's re-write history time to suit the Obama Agenda, baby!

I always bear this in mind when reading the incessant and aggrivating propaganda over at his place.

I'd like to know who assigned Geeting to grace the Lehigh Valley with his writings.

It is very hard to buy his argument of "political junkie".

Very hard, indeed, for a guy with absolutely no connection to the Lehigh Valley...

Anonymous said...

Jon did grow up here, and should be commended for his continued interest in local issues, unlike many other smart, educated, and motivated LV natives who brain-drained their way out of this black hole and washed their hands of the whole mess.

ironpigpen said...

I am willing to accept that Geeting is a junkie, just not a political one.

I enjoyed the Lehigh Valley "Independent" blog's admonition to readers just before Election Day to vote "a straight Party Democrat ticket".

Very objective analysis.

ironpigpen said...

Where did Geeting go to school (before college) in the Lehigh Valley?

I have never seen him mention it once.

Perhaps he should sometime.

Anonymous said...

A blind man can see the New York Times' Liberal bias from miles away.

Funny how the only ones who say that the New York Times is not a Liberal rag not fit to wipe my butt are rabid Progressive Liberal Democrats.

gary ledebur said...

Unlike blogs and local papers the New York Times is written on a tenth grade level. The others (except Molovinski on Allentown) are on a fourth grade level. Perhaps that is why "anonymous 1:09" finds it not worth reading. Sarah Palin never reads the NY Times either.

RS said...

Go back to the interview that Palin had with Kathy Couric when running for VP. She couldn't name ANY magazine or newspaper she reads although she had said she read a number of them. Palin said she'd get back to Couric. Still waiting.