Sep 2, 2010

Time To Go

It's time for Michael D'Amore to go; It's time for him to resign. I first realized how much contempt he had for the citizens last summer.

Over 60 citizens signed a petition last July, under the Home Rule Charter, to put an item on the Council Agenda. Council President D'Amore declined to include the item, although all conditions were met, and the signatures were verified by the City Clerk. He even attempted to prohibit discussion of the issue, (Cedar Park Plan) although more than 150 concerned citizens had come to the Council Meeting. A discussion only occurred at the insistence of Council member Jeanette Eichenwald. I have provided a copy of the charter rule below; Inclusion is not at the option of Council President.

Apparently, Mr. D'Amore feels that as President he does have options above and beyond the Charter, even if the citizens deserve less rights. He may visit Lehigh Valley employers, and be part of a threat if they don't respond to his Mummer Parade Strut up to the door. He was fully part and parcel of Stephen Barron's threat. He didn't disclaim Barron's words or Barron's use of the word "We're", then, or since. The reason I seek D'Amore's resignation is that City Council is suppose to be the watchdog on contracts with the various unions representing city workers. Can D'Amore now claim that he is putting the taxpayer's interest ahead of the union when the next contract comes up for approval? This union advocate even wants to be Mayor. Could you imagine him negotiating, he'll make Afflerbach look good. Michael, I wish you well. Go back to teaching full time and being a union sycophant, but please first resign from City Council.
A. The qualified voters of the City of Allentown, upon receipt of a petition by the City Clerk, may
enter one agenda item on the regular agenda of City Council.
B. The petition filed with the City Clerk must contain the signatures and addresses of thirty-five
(35) registered qualified voters of the City, and the item to be placed on the agenda of City Council for
discussion/consideration before Council. Upon receipt of such petition and a two (2) day
review/certification period of the petition by the City Clerk, the President of City Council must include the
item on the agenda at the next regularly scheduled meeting of City Council.


Anonymous said...


When you think Allentown’s elected officials couldn’t look worse something like this happens. When I watched the video I was surprised the guard didn’t burst out laughing when D’Amore announced himself has a member of our city council.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
Having also attended those summer council meetings, we agree D'Amore tried his best to stifle free speech. Now, after viewing his pro-union conduct this week as a government official, one can only imagine how he will behave if elected Allentown mayor. He is horribly arrogant and we hope
he resigns.

Anonymous said...

Incredible how these two guys could be so incredibly stupid. Absolutely incredible.

Anonymous said...

MM -

Well said and I fully agree.

But where is the rest of council standing up and going on the record to say that this type of behavior is unacceptable?

They are ALL in collusion and should ALL be voted out.

Anonymous said...

They say all politics is local...

I find this video absolutely delightful!

Since the election of OBAMA, the Progressive Liberal Democrats have felt themselves invincible.

Felt like they can do whatever the hell they want. (like shove Obamacare down peoples throats, for one example)

This after declaring themselves the most transparent and ethical people on the planet!

In my mind, the behavior of D'Amore and Barron fits in seemlessly with the way Progressive Liberal Democrats all over the country have been behaving.

Certainly transparent, but how exactly how ethical?

Funny thing is, this won't matter, in the end.

Allentown will continue to be ruled by Progressive Liberal Democrats with predictable results.

Guy williams said...

D'Amore Blew it,played his hand and lost.Now will the republicans please field some candidates and run.We need choices.