Sep 3, 2010

Censure Time

Allentown City Council has been much more assertive against it's citizens than the Administration. To my memory, no Pawlowski initiative has failed to pass, but they're pretty tough with the public. When I asked Council President D'Amore if he would distance himself from Stephen Barron's threats to T-Mobile, his reply was silence. When Bob Romancheck asked Council if they would censure D'Amore, the answer was silence. Northampton County, in it's first scheduled meeting since this controversy became public, has censured Barron. Their County Executive immediately sent an apology to T-Mobile. Allentown has spent $millions of dollars trying to lure business here. What's the message, come to Allentown and be harassed about unionizing? For my tax dollars D'Amore can resign, his arrogance has well exceeded his accomplishments. Unless he has at least the consideration to defend his actions to the citizens of Allentown, his fellow Councilors should censure; He was elected, not anointed.


Anonymous said...


D’Amore has badly misjudged the political winds with this attempt to prove his bona fides with local Big Labor. All he accomplished with this stunt was to provide future political opponents video ammunition of his arrogance and alliance to entities that are very shortly to be out of favor with the majority of the voting public.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Is it true the Allentown Racquet Club closed? How, in the city
without limits.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are all about special treatment, not equal opportunity. When you get a chance to rout a rat as easily as this, go for it. Never let him or the people forget.
He represents the unions not the people.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 6:01, democrats have no monopoly on arrogance, some previous republicans on council also suffered from hyper self-esteem. i would hope that the reprimands barron is receiving in northampton county, register with d'amore.

Anonymous said...


What would be the procedure to remove him from office?

Don Southside

michael molovinsky said...

to my knowledge there is no procedure, only the next election

Anonymous said...

Disheartening that City Council, faced with their inability to challenge the incumbent mayor, fall on the sword of their own individual and collective hubris.

Perhaps this malady could be corrected if they focused on the people of this city, instead of themselves.

monkey momma said...

"What's the message, come to Allentown and be harassed about unionizing?"

Yup, that is EXACTLY the message. This ridiculous fiasco has done more damage to the future of Allentown than anything the Great Recession caused. Why would a prospective employer choose to locate here after watching a shakedown like this?? Especially since nobody on council or the mayor's office, to my knowledge, has denounced this - it appears to me that D'Amore really did act on behalf of City Council.

I am absolutely amazed there isn't more outrage about this. This is a devastating blow to Allentown's efforts to get employers here.