Aug 31, 2010

The King has Abdicated

In 1958 my father had a food stand at the fair. It took him about an hour to realize you can not sell hot dogs in the King's back yard; Yocco, the hot dog king. When Yocco's claimed last year they were not at the fair because their canvas ripped, I was skeptical. This year it's official, they have abdicated their spot. Tonight the fair was jammed. In Ag Hall the granges still compete in vegetable canning. A wiseguy still incites you to dunk him. The world's smallest horse hasn't grown. Maybe Yocco's is gone, but the fair is still much more like 1958 than any other aspect of Allentown.

reprinted from Aug. 28, 2007 and Sept. 1, 2009


Katie Bee said...

I am the queen of dunking that clown.

Anonymous said...

The present version of the Fair is in no way similar to the Allentown Fair I remember during the 1950s.