Aug 30, 2010

Flight To NoWhere

If you want a good laugh, go to the Lehigh Valley International Airport and watch the expression on the first time Continental passengers as they are loaded on a bus to Newark; this is after they check in at the flight counter! Today the constantly expanding and remodeling airport has less destinations than ever, about nine, including Philadelphia and Newark. Years ago, the Authority members hired what they mistook as a hot shot, George Doughty, to make the new terminal and airport something to match its new name. The old ABE Airport terminal was built as a WPA project, and like the rest of the valley back then, teemed at its seams. About ten years ago the hotshot talked the Authority members into expanding the departure terminal. Looking for a large under used space for arena football, I think I know a place. Recently, a judge awarded an adjacent landowner many more millions than he ever wanted, for land the airport took for its never needed, never built new runway. Rendell has designated $3.5 million in modernization grants to help the airport keep up with its declining use? Although there are not many places one can fly directly to from the airport, parking fee's are big city. There is a recorded tape loop which keeps reminding the few passengers that unattended cars will be towed for security reasons, i'd prefer water-boarding at Guantanamo.

The postcard depicts the first hanger and terminal, before the former one built by the WPA. The hanger still exists, as does the lettering on it's roof.

Postcard of former terminal built by WPA, added Jan. 16, 2010 for this reprinted version

Reprinted from Feb. 12, 2009. In less than a year, this has become a hot topic for County Executive Cunningham, and Mayor Pawlowski has just been appointed to their Board. I rejected a comment the other day claiming this was a negative blog, and I should look at things in a more positive light. This is a reality based blog, which often points things out before our officials are ready to concede that there is a problem.

Doughty loses job as director

reprinted from Feb. 12, 2009 and Jan. 16,

The airport is once again being remodeled (Aug. 2010)

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Anonymous said...

Considering Pawlowski's been on record as wanting to do away with the airport and build a shopping center and business mix, odd anyone would appoint him to group whose mission is supposedly geared towards
restoring the property to its glory.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 6:46, pawlowski wants to do away with the small queen city airport on lehigh street, not the large one on airport rd. but you raise a good point, the airport authority controls both, and pawlowski should not have been appointed (imo) with a preconceived bias against queen city. furthermore, doughty alone didn't authorize the redundant remodeling of the the airport, the board must take responsibility for that wastefulness

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Molovinsky,
Thank you for correcting our statement. Yes, we did know it was Queen City but we didn't say so. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

And shall we whisper...$2M unapid
Hooters fuel bill