Mar 26, 2010

Over The Top

I don't think blogger Rolf Oeler would argue with me describing him as over the top.      His blog,
LV Ironpigs, pulls no punches; I like that. It certainly has gotten Rolf in some trouble with the local blogging Pope, Bernie O'Hare. Rolf is barred from LV Ramblings. Truth is, I also reject some of Rolf's comments, he can be brutally frank and relentless. In this local blogosphere, dominated by both left leaning and puff blogs, there should be a place for his viewpoint.


Anonymous said...

This is great!

Over The Top?

I'm glad somebody noticed.

This country pisses me off more and more every day.

Right now I'm in the middle of next month.

Enjoy the weekend, Mr. Molovinsky.

michael molovinsky said...

i received a comment concerning "good conservatives"; because your comment is provocative, you would have to be named, as is mr. oeler, for me to print.

i generally have no interest in hosting arguments or insults, especially between anonymous people. because of one, antagonistic compulsive person i have been forced into moderating comments, as has most of the local blogosphere,
as a consequence, we receive less comments and they require the process of reading and approving. since i must go through these motions anyway, i decided to be somewhat selective. i discard comments that are too insulting, contain personal information about another person, or are very redundant. i am more tolerant of those comments if signed by real name.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is ironic that, right after a blog drawing attention to Villa, you would sing the praises of someone very much like him.

Like Vlla, he hijacks blog with repeated nonsensical comments having little or nothing to do with the subject.

Like Villa, he has regularly attacked my readers.

Like Villa, he will post identical spam comments on my blog, knowing I will have to delete them.

Like Villa, he has oine of those people who actually wishes for something bad to happen to me.

In some ways, he's worse. he makes sweeping genralizations about the Muslim religions, condemning all Muslims for the actions of some. Take out the work Muslim and replace it withj Jew. Would you be so willing to compliment him then?

I suspect this post is either the result of your own speed reading of comments, something you deride in others, or bcause PigPen is promoting your own agenda.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i find validity in some of your statements. i did say i also find myself, as you,not allowing all his comments. i do not find him similar to villa. most of the people villa has attacked, like myself, are his victims because we declined to join him in condemning you. it's somewhat ironic that you criticize me about villa, when i have become villa's target because of you. back to oeler, although he is somewhat compulsive, i don't see a list of 25 local people that he condemns. i do know that he does condemn you, but he is not your only distractor, although some are more anonymous. i'm not sure what my agenda is. in the past you have said i criticize panto because he is a democrat, that simply is not true. although i don't have any appreciation for villa at this point, i can think of no one who i have an agenda against, and i don't even have one against villa,other than defending myself. just as i wouldn't throw you under the bus for villa, i won't throw oeler under for you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I did not say they are identical twins. I said there are disturbing similarities, and there are. I find it highly offensive that you would actually draw attention to a person who obviously is bigoted against Muslims, who has wushed for bad things to befall me, and who hijacks blogs with inane comments.

Nobofdy is asking you to throw him under the bus. But calling attention to him , especially after acknowledging his flaws, is an indication that you do have an agenda. Perhaps it's personal animosity to me. Lord knows, you've posted enough anti-O'Hare blogs yourself. perhaps you hate Muslims, too.

I don't really know your agenda, but I find your thinking absurd. You compliment him for speaking out. So do anti-Semites. So does Villa. So do many haters.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, for the record, i am neither anti-o'hare or anti muslim. btw, from my perspective, perhaps you're anti-molovinsky. you have called some of my comments villaesque, which i assume you meant as no compliment. when i have written critical things about cunningham or panto, you have become very hostile. never the less, please understand that i have not read everything from oeler on your blog that you have read. i think it would be fair to say that an outsider should not base their opinion of either you or oeler based on your comments about each other.

Anonymous said...

MM -

I'm a bit confused as to what the problem is.

It would seem that Mr. Oeler has his own blog and therefore, "a place for his viewpoint".

You, O'Hare and Oeler each have your own blogs - also known as your own viewpoints - and I (like other readers) choose which blogs I want to read. Which comments you or any of the other hosts delete or limit is up to you as the blog "owner".

As readers, we decide what to read. If we want it, we can find anyone's viewpoint that we want.

I thank you all for the information you provide, but I find these arguments between blog "owners" to be irrelevant and somewhat silly.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5:49, i agree. bernie o'hare took exception that i featured oeler's blog in a post. bernie recently featured alan jennings in two posts. should ron angle take exception because jennings thinks ron should be prosecuted for fraud? i know that bernie resents anybody telling him what to post about. of course he is the pope, and i'm not. hope he doesn't now accuse me of being anti-catholic