Mar 25, 2010

Babblesphere RoundUp

This week, as often is the case, the real meat of the blogosphere is found in the comments. Too often my speed reading friends miss these morsels, so, for their benefit;

I made the following comments on Andrew Kleiner's Remember Post about planting a rain garden.

andrew, i support you on the rain garden project, and there is no reason why weitzel won't either.(rain garden is the planting of absorbing plants in storm water basins and outlets) but i also advocate more response to the current event. although i agree perhaps nothing can be done about cedar park at this point, there is a lesson to be learned. cedar park demonstrates that constructing paths in an environmentally friendly way is not a criterion of this park administration. the trail network plan is nothing more than allowing more path makeovers and new paths in our parks and between them. despite the hopes of council to have more oversight on this plan than the previous approval, i would rather urge them to vote NO. only a no vote will provide the time and resources to address your concerns about invasive species, jordan pond stagnation, and other pressing needs that you have illustrated on this blog. A no vote will not stop the trail network plan. the vote is mostly symbolic, because currently the only grant deals with signs and outside of park street markings. that grant could be approved independent of the trail network plan.

The Villa's highjacked the Chen Arts Group Blog and prevented my comment in tribute to Barba-Del Campbell. He then proceeds to delete my protests on their post about group shows.

angie villa prevented my comment in memory to the passing of barba-del campbell from appearing on the chen art blog...
moderation is now off at that site, and i have submitted another comment. we will see how long it remains. not allowing a friend of barba-del's to express his sympathy is but another example of their disregard for anyone other than themselves. i condemn the members of the chen art group for passively endorsing this hatred by turning a blind eye; art should be more than two or three dimensions.

Bill Villa babbles about Bernie O'Hare, admitting that he deleted my comments.

Molovinsky: your original comment on Barba-Del was published (and you know that) but just barely. It drew a warning from a blog administrator because it came clearly looking for trouble, considering that you have a history at your blog of allowing comments from O'Hare that bash the Chen Arts Group, Joe Skrapits, and the Villa family. Your Barba-Del comment at the Chen Arts Group blog was deleted, along with your 2 additional comments, because you kept "upping the ante" of your provocations against the Villas in your subsequent comments which you were warned about after your first comment. In closing, you are wrong about "having no doubt" that your comments were deleted by Angie Villa. They weren't deleted by Angie Villa. I deleted them.

My original comment on Barba-Del was not published, and Villa knows that. More important, so do members of the Chen Arts Group. How they feel about Villa using both the group and it's blog for his personal compulsions, remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

MM, I don't see Mr. Villa "admitting" anything here. Rather deceitful of you to make this claim. I see you guessing it was Villa. I suppose you'll guess I'm Villa too. Guess again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Your parks stories about A-town have been informative and do constitute part of the "real meat?" of the blogosphere. But a pissing match with Villa? The Chenster snub?

If you consider that "real meat," you have your explanation for all the speed reading of those comments.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why we talk about blog villain Villa is because he constantly torments bloggers and hijacks the comments. Now I see he's ready to drag Donovan thru the mud. MM, is what Villa alleges on his blog true? (ie, make Donovan apologize in council chambers to Villa.) I don't know Council President D'Amore, but I trust he is able to see the blinking light of insanity in Villa's eyes. I truly do hope Donovan's career and place on council is not threatened by the local blog loony-tune. Please advise if readers who want to help Donovan should do anything in particular to assist. I appreciate your input.

Villa's comment moderation on chen arts blog simply means one should never never comment there, just as one should never comment at LVS. There are other places to remember Barba-Del, and Chen simply isn't the place, sadly, as it's apparently been hijacked by Villa. I did not know Barba-Del, but I'm sure someone so loved by so many would be saddened to see condolences turned away. What a pity.

Kleier's blog, on the other hand, remains on topic and free from most distraction, which is refreshing. I love to read his optimism, and I admire his response to the naysayers. (Although, at age 20-something, he surely will lose some of his charming innocence in the years to come.) The world, however, would be a pretty sad, sick place without the optimistic hopefuls to keep us pessimists (realists?) in check. Go Kleiner!

Your blog, MM, continues to educate and remind readers of days gone by. When I read your blog, I see not only the past, but the the future, by contrast. It's astonishing how simple tales of the past can illuminate the present so well. Thank you for your contribution to the local blogosphere.

The blogosphere is today's wild west. Once the laws catch up to reality, the likes of Villa will simply disappear. It is outrageous that such harassment is tolerated online, and a real pity that local blogs cannot conduct "business" without constant threats and intimidation from the local Nobody.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:31, i provide a link to my chen art post. in villa's next comment he says, "yes, i did it". the comment is signed loopy hershwhine, a villa sock puppet, and also contains language which he has sent me hundreds of times. actually the deceitfulness belongs to villa (and you). nobody is fooled by whatever anon or name he comments under. he repeats the same language comment after comment, on blog after blog. it's sad to see an art group victimized by such association, but that's the price they pay for tolerating it.

Anonymous said...

"Once the laws catch up to reality"

The Fairness Doctrine will certainly straighten everything out.

You can trust this Congress to do what's right.


Andrew Kleiner said...

Thanks Anon. I'll keep on keeping on.

Thanks for the clarification on my blog Mike.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:02, as i said on andrew's blog he has made an amazing contribution to the park discussion and unparalleled documentation of the parks and problems within. the influence he has earned in such a short time is very impressive.

on villa's comment about taking donovan to task at city council; time will tell if villa appears there and what he says. as someone who has attended many meetings, i can tell you that donovan is held in high regard by his peers.

Anonymous said...

"The Conservative Wingnut Fringe"

I am certain this all-encompassing smear of people by Donovan who believe in low taxes and limited government will thrill the esteemed Councilman's Conservative constituency living in the city of Allentown.

This is exactly the kind of stuff Chris Casey addressed with his recent piece at LV Poliblog.

"This is exactly the kind of Bullcrap that sows hard feelilngs and destroys hard-won cooperation"


michael molovinsky said...

RO, donovan hosts an open blog, and tolerates many hostile comments which usually link back to villa's site. he is the only council person who dialogues on the blogosphere. i give him credit.

Anonymous said...

Villa is, from my understanding, not a Conservative.

Is he?

I agree with you Donovan makes himself available to public discussion via his blog in direct contrast to the other Council members.

So, Donovan goes after Conservatives because of Villa?

That makes no sense, at least to me.

It has painfully aware to me that when the Right makes "sweeping condemnations" (as my 'buddy' the Fuzzy Bunny loves to say)--- then this is terrible and these rock-throwing Nazis should be punished.

Meanwhile, when the Heroes over there on the Left...

Personally, I am SICK of such POST-PARTISAN articles from the Left and not afraid to tell them exactly how I feel.

michael molovinsky said...

donovan's post has nothing what so ever to do with villa. i'm not sure what motivated him, probably some reaction to resistance against the health care bill.

Michael Donovan said...


Yes, I can have my own feelings about the health care bill, and if I think that people are overreacting to its impact, I can have a reaction.

For me, I lost a child in a very, very expensive operation. If my wife did not have the family insurance at the time, I would be bankrupt. But I am not because of that. Imagine others who experience the same challenge.

We need a country that recognizes the challenge of health care. We need a country that understands that nothing is perfect, and the key to a democracy is to fine tune as we go along. That is what it is all about.

I look forward to a future of finally discussing what health care is. A complicated subject with no easy answer, and if my taxes go up because we are a more civilized nation, I can live with that.

I said at my blog -- 67 cents of my next dollar earned is not much from 64 cents. However, some people feel it makes a tremendous differnce. Sorry, how many square feet do you need in your home and how expensive of a car do you need, it gets you from A to B?

Oh, I forgot, people like to look "cool" and "rich" by the car they buy. Tell that to a less than talented or out of luck person who lives in squalor because they cannot get a job.

Best regards,

Michael Donovan

Anonymous said...

Michael you're right - 67 to 64 is no big deal.

But what about the looming pension crisis and its costs? And the social security crisis? And the Medicare crisis? And local municipalities that have racked up $2.8 trillion in new debt in the past 2 years alone that will need to be repaid? And the continuing trillion $ deficits at the federal level?

If that 67 goes to 60? or 50? Or lower?

Continued and increased dependence on the government will ruin us. It eliminates any incentive to work hard and try to earn it. It drives capital to the sidelines or to other countries where investment has greater rewards. It is a nasty downward spiral and it's happening. We will all be worse off for it.