Mar 15, 2010

The Bicycles of Allentown

produced by Gary Ledebur, East Coast Studio #3, Philadelphia
contains adult content

Click Here to see actual Fox Segment on Allentown, courtesy of O'Hare's Ramblings

reproduced from March 10, 2010


Katie Bee said...

This video isn't of a critical mass ride, nor is it a Naked Bike Ride operation like your friend seems to be a fan of. It's just people getting to the center of town.

Are these the bikes that have no economic benefit? That you want to shut out of Allentown?

Katie Bee said...

My link didn't work the first time, but here is the html:

michael molovinsky said...

katie bee, once again i will tell you that i never said that i want to shut bikes out of allentown, or even the parks; what i said is i do not want to customize the parks for their use. that is what the plan does; it widens the paths, it paves the paths, it paints lines on the paths and it will encourage more bikes to go faster on the paths.
it is also apparent that constructions will not be done in an environmentally sensitive way, which concerns some people.

i do not believe there will be any economic benefit worth either the cost of the project or the compromises to the park system.

this video is meant as entertainment

michael molovinsky said...

katie bee, sorry your address didn't appear as a link on my comment section, it is an blogspot/safari(apple) problem, but bikes in copenhagen have nothing to do with allentown or this plan.

on andrews blog currently there is an apologist for the administration claiming that the additional paths will access more area's of cedar park. that is absurd. the current path goes completely around the park, leaving precious enough room for the stream and open space. i mention this because frankly you have become somewhat of an apologist for this administration. although working for joyce marin was a good experience for you as a college student, she was no heavy weight in community development.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute and wonderfully entertaining mess this whole Park fiasco has morphed into!

The BEST part is all the silly beans who just cannot bring themselves to admit that they were lied to. They were hustled.

They want to trust government SO BADLY!

All the while bashing Conservatives with sheer delight.

Funny how this Bike Deal in Allentown and how it has been handled by City officials in many ways mirrors how the Obama Administration has been behaving in Washington.

Funny how both Pawlowski and Obama are from Chicago...

michael molovinsky said...

anon 12:03, although i hosted your comment, i prefer not to dwell on such issues. this blog is molo..on allentown. i believe that these plans are bad for the park system, it matters not whether someone is a liberal or conservative

monkey momma said...

I just drove past the destruction in Cedar Beach on Linden. While driving Linden, I noticed how WIDE that street is next to a lot of that park. PLENTY of room for bikers. So, how exactly, will these new paths create more commerce in Allentown? No one is stopping bikes from coming downtown now, and last I heard, biking is still legal in streets.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised. I would have thought that people who hate bicycles so much would approve of getting them off the streets and on to dedicated paths.

Perhaps there is some valid concern over altering the parks, but all I see here is blind hatred and smearing.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have to say that is one hell of a video. Very well done. My compliments to the producer.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5;43, that's the problem with the trail network plan, you want the paths dedicated to bikes, as opposed to the current paths, which can be used by bikes, but also enjoyed by walkers, runners, families, etc.

i have rejected another antagonistic, anonymous comment. you can be antagonistic or anonymous, but not both.

Anonymous said...

anon 5;43 here.

When did I say that I wanted the trails dedicated to bikes? What I'd like is a car free transportation network to make travel safer when biking AND walking.
(Yes, I do both)

Anonymous said...
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michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:35, i posted your comment for a minute, then decided to delete. the comment concerned a crime incident in center city. there are many such incidents every day. although i do not think that the trail network plan will result in more crime anywhere, it is a distraction from more pressing issues in allentown. the basis of my opposition is that the parks are for everybody's use, including cyclists, but that the paths should not be altered to accommodate more usage by that group, over other users. when you put recreation over nature, as they're doing in cedar creek park, the ambience is gone, and can never be regained.

Anonymous said...

With respect to your picture posted with "Paving Paradise"

The big trench cuts right across where we used to play football and throw the frisbee.

The pavillions in the background was where my friends and I spent countless, countless, countless hours hanging out engaged in serious, if not-so-scholarly discussions of the day as well as other activities which shall remain undisclosed here.

The bridge was always a wonderful place to end up with a cute girl at night.

Go Bulldozers.

Defeat everything.