Sep 12, 2009

Saints and Sinners

This blog has a little tabloid in it; I'm not above using a racy photograph or catchy titles. There is an interesting story in today's Morning Call* about the Rev. William Kuntze, who refused to compromise his principles over an offered contribution from the Sands Casino. Rev. Kuntze directed the New Bethany Ministry, which administers to the area needy in Bethlehem. Kuntze feels that the last thing the area poor need is to lose their money in a casino, and was an opponent of the casino project. Seems that the Casino offered to donate $7,500 to New Bethany, and that the board President wanted to accept the money, hence Kuntze's resignation.

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States; as such they have school boards, churches and all normal facets of community life dependent upon the revenue stream from the casino industry. Surfing the net for a photograph for this blog, I even came across the Vegas Hookers for Jesus(not photo used). In submitting his resignation Rev. Kuntze said "In my view, our hands should remain clean."

I'm personally not against gambling (I don't gamble), nor do I think Las Vegas is sinful, but I do admire the Rev. Kuntze for his refusal to rationalize compromises to his integrity.



East Penn Democrat said...

I don't admire hard-headedness. Why not try to make lemonade from lemons? He's (been) running a ministry that is also an enterprise. Instead of walking away from $7,500 in casino money, get $75,000 and declare victory! Don't ignore the irony of casino money helping the poor masses.

Anonymous said...

The following is not my original thought but as a Call contributor asked, "Does the minister ask where weekly contributions come from?"

Bethany this month has asked the public for children school supply donations. The minister has no idea who bought those items nor where donors work. He has harmed only himself.

LVCI said...

The Rev. Kuntze may not be alone.. Church Rejects Donation from Lottery Winner

Then on the other hand... BINGO Everywhere!

It's Big Bingo $'s Here (IL.)
Beyond the standard Bingo game cash prizes. St. Mary Church also offers one large, progressive jackpot game that grows every time someone does not win it. That amount has risen topped at $5,700

Sounds like at St Mary's the throw the offering plate up into the air and whatever God doesn't want and falls back down, they get to keep!

It's pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness.
Poverty an' wealth have both failed

~Kin Hubbard~

Anonymous said...

Sad that a man cannot not be celebrated for standing on his principles. Instead he is called hard headed.

We live in a society of excuses and rationalizations (Why not try making lemonade from lemons).

You may assume there is no cost to "dirty" money.

Money is money, right? And that is what really matters in life, right?

His principals scare you so you portray him as a hypocrite (The minister has no idea who bought those items nor where donors work.).

Take what you can, when you can regardless of what your conscience tells you. Eh, you brave souls of this decadent decrepit narcissistic culture!

No wonder the boundaries of legality/illegality are so cloudy.

ironpigpen said...

Good stuff Anon 8:46

Anonymous said...

The Rev is on record opposing the Casinos, so there is a big difference with him accepting donations from the Casino vs. anon. doners.

Anonymous said...

it was refreshing to read. The Rev. not only preaches a life that is consistent with God's message and Jesus' teachings, not only lives it himself, but when faced with a true moral dilemna, he follows his teachings.

The real shame is that the great ministry he led will lose its greatest leadership. The non-profit world would be a better place with his leadership on stronger display.


Anonymous said...

agreed with the last few posts. I personally have no problem with gambling, but if someone has stated their moral position on such an issue, he should be commended for not being bought off.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last few posts as well. A man who stands on his principles and puts them ahead of $$ is someone we should comment, not criticize.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Plain & simple people with addictive personalities will gamble and poor people will often lose what they have.The reality is that the casino is here.No amount of refusing thier money & food will prevent anything from happening to the people of our community.Why not take thier money and give it back to those he thinks it's being defrauded from. His integrity & removal from his agency is not shutting down the casino, not feeding hungry people and not housing them.So really what has he accomplished?At the very least he's managed to undermine all of the work that was so important to him just last week. Nothing's changed but he's gotten some press, caused upset and deprived his former agency of his talents of fundraising,verbal communication & efforts for the poor.So the question stands,does one clergyman(masquerading as a business man)'s very PERSONAL beliefs have anything to do with the real work of aiding the hungry as he was hired to do or should we all have the leeway to change practical policies at any time to suit our own personal agendas(religious & otherwise)?And if"my way or the highway doesn't work quit that job,trash them in the media & start a"look at poor little me"campaign.Casino money was ONLY 1 of many more PERSONAL issues Kuntze had with New Bethany's very modern, very practical policies.They should not want to hire him back.Who needs a sanctified crybaby on staff?