Sep 10, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

This past May I conducted my fifth in a series of town hall meetings which I call Allentown Speak Out. This one concentrated on the parks and Bicentennial Field. With 30 plus people in attendance, I asked Tony Phillips what he could do for us; he replied that we should organize and make our feelings known to City Council. I told him that we are the public, he represents us, and that he should take the ball. As he stood blankly by, Michael Donovan said he would prepare a resolution. Six weeks ago he told over 70 people who attended his Park Committee Meeting, in the Council Chamber, that they should organize and make their feelings known to City Council.

Tony has made page 1 in both The Morning Call and the local blogosphere for two days in roll now. He never made the front page before, actually he has hardly made the paper at all, always promising to start his campaign in another week. Some pundits think the real issue is that he was set up; I felt it was his judgement. Today I learned that the famous conversation took place on his own campaign facebook page; now I think the issue is his intelligence.


LVCI said...

I don't know about stupid, but it would seem to me less then spectacular reasoning to pay a former campaign manger $700 a week and receive so little publicity.

If he had taken that same $700 he even could have bought airtime on TV/Radio or taken out a newspaper spread and gotten far more bang for his buck.

I can think of dozens of ways he could have had FREE publicity. Has he sent out formal 'press releases'? (for one)

Anonymous said...

Well, Molivinsky...I sure agree with you on this one! I heard exactly what you heard at those meetings, and then...NOTHING!!!
Set who? Himself that's who! I don't know who could even make up that nasty conversation! He is a real piece of work. He just handed (or typed) Palowski his reelection...dumb ass!

Anonymous said...

He should definitely know better if he wants to be a politician

He was not a serious challenge anyway

His Park inaction was laughable, to be sure!!!

michael molovinsky said...

needless to say this post has upset people in tony's camp and his supporters on the blogosphere, mainly bernie o'hare. bernie likes to think of his blog as "hard hitting" , but tends to think only he has the wisdom to be critical of selected public figures. i do not believe tony is stupid, but he certainly engaged in a stupid act. he has to bring more to the table than apologies for inappropriate behavior; thus far he has not.

ironpigpen said...

The NFL and NHL have mandatory lectures for players counciling them on the fact they are in the public eye because they are highly paid.

They are encouraged to stay out of nightclubs late at night, etc, so they don't end up shooting themselves in the thigh like Plaxico Burress.

They council the players certain people will be out there looking to undermine and hurt them just because they are celebrities.

I think avoiding a controversy such as this is now part of the program if you want to draw a check as a paid public official.

I think it has been for a little while now.

Did Phillips have a serious campaign going anyway?

I think not.

Exhibit A - Phillips campaign sign design

Phillips should have been out speaking against the Park or any other .

Out knocking on doors and shaking hands.

Chase girls after election.

Anonymous said...


I understand your post. with regard to Tony, this was a serious slip in judgment that may very well cost him the election and some real hits on reputation and respect.

I hope Tony realizes there are many others in the community who are counting on him and he does have a responsibility to his constituency.

Therefore discretion, especially at this point in time and in this venue, is the better part of valor.

More so, I am truly distressed at the culture that has developed relative to the blogsphere in the LV.

It seems dominated by a few unyielding egotistical characters who each feels he is wore all knowing and God endowed than the next.

Morally and ethically I personally find them repugnant. Each to his own, I must admit, I have supported publicly and privately at one point in time or another. I no longer would.

We are in confusing and tumultuous times. Many of us may soon see a way of life we never could have imagined. The old model does not seem to be working and we will all need to forge a new one.

We need to work together and realize that for all of us to move ahead we will need to make sacrifices.

Many of the aforementioned bloggers are incapable of any true act of altruism and will be consumed ultimately by their own hubris.

They therefore will never have any serious standing as a credible alternative when compared to the more traditional media outlets, many of which seem to be on there way out.

They will become lower in the electronic media sphere than the National Enquirer is in the world of print media.

I choose not to frequent local blogs with any degree of commitment any longer. It is too distressing and too self-indulgent. There are other more important issues at hand.

I enjoy your blog and will continue to visit. I also have a great deal of respect for Joe Hillard. I am happy to see that he is leaving the "polly" blog.

However, as much as I respect him, I am as distressed to see your affiliation with that blog.

I do not particularly care for their philosophical perspective.

Even thought I will not be visiting you there I wish you luck.

My best.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 6:37, since you like both joe and me, that means you like half of poliblog. i'm sure my presence there has raised some eyebrows, including my own. I volunteered to contribute until which time they gain more members, and they took me up on my sincere offer. i thank you for coming here.

Anonymous said...

LVCI,September 10, I agree wholeheartedly. I have personnally expressed this to Tony.