Sep 16, 2009

O'Hare's Bag of Tricks

This morning when I read The Morning Call, I knew Bernie O'Hare
would be blaming everybody but Tony Phillips. Bernie keeps pulling the same tricks out of the bag. He gets away with it by pummeling the commentators who disagree, and intimating the other bloggers. Bernie is the Pope of the local blogosphere; nobody has more readers or produces more posts.

I wrote a post titled 'Stupid Is As Stupid Does', although I did question Tony's intelligence in the last line, the post itself makes a case that Tony acted stupidly, people in his camp had said the same thing, and I suspect Tony would concede as much. In the comment section I later elaborated that I don't think that Tony is stupid, but certainly did a stupid act.

Bernie so often refer to snarks, so often refers to ad hominem attacks. UNLESS THEY SERVE HIS PURPOSE. In his last three posts about Tony, here are some of the things he said about me; mean spirited, likes to kick people when their down, silly, made a stupid claim, holier than thou...

Bernie's usual reply to such criticism is that the comment is a non sequitur or off topic. In his bash anyone in his way defense of Tony, he made a distraction out of the difference between a "setup" and a "conspiracy". He justified this semantic word-game because a reporter from the Express Times pointed it out. Two days later when I commented that a columnist from The Morning Call used the "setup" expression, he mockingly asked if I thought this person was an authority?
Bernie, he's no authority, but neither are you.

In Bernie's post today he chides two other bloggers beside myself, and ends by raising the race card.

As a new guest poster on Lehigh Valley Poliblog, I considered placing this post there; but just yesterday they made peace with Bernie after a year of discord, and I don't want to upset their apple cart. Most bloggers would rather take a few shots from the Pope than challenge him, not me, I had enough.

Tony Phillips was contrite and publicly apologized. It would have been nice if Bernie let him have that dignity.


East Penn Democrat said...

First they came for the communists, but I did not speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the Jews, but I did not speak out because ......
Then O'Hare came for me and I decided to finally speak out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I certainly criticized the opinions of several bloggers. I even criticized yours. In a blog with that title and that conclusion, you most certainly were mean-spirited, kicking someone when he is down.

Misinformed, too. You claim that Tony had this conversation publicly on F/B when it was actually a private conversation. You never bothered to correct yourself. I guess accuracy is not all that important.

I wrote about the issue. Part of writing about that involved a demonstration that some of you, in your haste to burn this guy at the stake, are making poor arguments. In your case, they are mean-spirited, too. You chose to respond with a post directed at me and attacking me, which more or less proves my point.

michael molovinsky said...

o'hare, i don't make a distinction between his facebook campaign blog and his campaign private chat page. i don't make a distinction between "setup" and "conspiracy". on your blog i saw your absurd answer to the question of why a married phillip's would be any different than a married pawlowski having an affair. you proved my point that you never concede being wrong, and worse, feel justified to bash those who point it out.

Anonymous said...


I have grown weary of both O'Hare and Villa. To me, they seem cut from the same cloth, as is said.

Every issue somehow always seems to come around to be about them. It is tiresome.

There are a plethora of issues in the world that are much more important than the egos of these two.

I enjoy your blog. As I have said before I may not always agree with your opinion but I respect it.

Keep up the good work.