Sep 16, 2009

The Final Crack

Tony Phillip's candidacy suffered another crack today; The Morning Call revealed that the infamous internet chat was really with a former mistress posing as a fresh item. Although Tony tried to do some damage control, even blogger Bernie O'Hare won't be able to put him back together again. Last week Bernie took off the gloves defending Tony, accusing critics and myself of being mean spirited and worse; also not properly distinguishing between the terms "setup" and "conspiracy"!

After the previous articles Tony was already toxic. At a recently held Republican Rally he was neither present nor mentioned. There are those who feel that personal life, especially sexual, is private and should have no bearing on public officials; Tony has given them a full plate.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the bar has been too low for too long and expectations are higher of candidates now than they have been in the past.

Are we all starting to realize there really is less of a disconnect between a persons personal and public life?

For too long we have been in denial of the ripple effect of one area into the other.

Aren't you less tolerant of "bad behavior" from corporate leaders and individuals in elected positions?

Perhaps it is fortunate this occurred. Better to be aware of it now than after being elected.

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

I think you are correct Mr. Molovinsky. That is a shame too, because the city could really use someone to challenge the Mayor on so many things.
Tony Phillips has no credibility left, his campaign is a stand up comics dream.

East Pen Democrat said...

One blogger talked about a Fatal Attraction, another about a woman scorned. Others took the opportunity to conjure up their personal boogeyman. Beyond being entertaining, the whole episode is a comment on Allentown politics and the blogosphere's rabid -- er, rapid -- response. As for Mr. Phillips, I'd need a walk-in closet for all my skeletons but then I'm not running for mayor.

michael molovinsky said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Final Crack":

I find it interesting that the details of Phillips' sexual escapades are pursued relentlessly, while those of the XXXXXX have been ignored or considered off limits.

I don't have a problem with them digging up the info, I'd just like to see the same standards apply for all.

ADMINISTRATORS NOTE: i do not know how, or if possible. to edit comments, so i've cut and pasted the above and inserted under my comment access, after X-ing out the name mentioned. I have heard rumors concerning this elected official, but will not publish rumors from an anon. the anon is welcome to resubmit the comment using his/her name, and i will then publish it as submitted.

ironpigpen said...

Maybe Phillips can get a gig on Dancing With The Stars now

michael molovinsky said...

10E Smith, similar accusations were made about pawlowski at another blog. although i did publish your comment for 60 seconds, i decided that they were too accusatory to stand.

i appreciate readership and that comments are submitted, but i will not publish unsubstantiated accusations unless submitted by someone using their actual name, which can be verified.