Mar 17, 2009

It's Howdy Doody Time

Most of you who follow the local blogosphere know there are tensions fueled by over-inflated ego's. There's even a special word, snark, referring to those written jabs and slights. Chris Casey tried to organize a blogger breakfast, but when everybody was done stating who they wouldn't attend with, Casey couldn't even invite himself. Last week, in a comment section, I revealed that I was miffed at Pam Varkony. Although she never finds my blog comment worthy, it appeared to me that sometimes the topics appeared later on her blog, with never a notation. On March 7th, I published a posting called Odds and Ends, a few thoughts on different subjects. On March 9th, Lehigh Valley Clancularius did the same thing; I was complimented he called the post "Odds and Ends". Pam followed suit on March 11th, renaming this concept The Peanut Gallery, she went too far! As it turns out many of us over 60 grew up thinking Howdy Doody was our brother, and Buffalo Bob was our uncle. Varkony used a picture of Mr. Peanut, how insulting! The Peanut Gallery was a special place where kids got to sit on the show and watch Buffalo Bob and Howdy in person. Those of us at home, sitting at our TV tables, were part of the larger Peanut Gallery. Mothers could get their children to eat anything put on those small tables; we were mesmerized by Uncle Bob.

I've decided to sue Varkony, the problem is which lawyer to hire. I would hire Bernie O'Hare, but Villa keeps repeating that he was disbarred; Besides, Bernie is going to be to tied up with his charges against Villa. There's another lawyer who blogs, but Villa claims he's just a lawyer for now, and I don't know when the case will come up. I thought about Orloski, but he just lost a case against the city. I need a good lawyer, because Pam's much younger than me, and will claim she never heard of Howdy Doody.


LVCI said...

"March 9th, Lehigh Valley Clancularius did the same thing; I was complimented he called the post "Odds and Ends"..

Believe me I was not aware of this fact when I did it. In fact I've been extremely alert to post on items that others (such as yourself) cover much better then I. In fact I've referenced your blog when I discovered you had previously covered the material which I thought was unique to my post at the time. See: "Fluoridation , Osmosis & Allentown". I reference other bloggers and support them with links when appropriate.

I'm trying very hard to bring items to light that concern me without posting redundant material. I'm also trying hard to post new items not covered elsewhere for the most part. In fact I renamed the post you spoke of as "Misc. Crap". Jeeesh!

Since there only so many issues to talk about and there are literally 1,000's of blogs on them, I may inadvertently overlap. When I am aware I post credit just as I've stated up above. You will note that my "Odds & Ends" involved none of the topics referred to in yours. I DO NOT STEAL IDEAS nor other bloggers PIXS for my posts!

There are two reasons I started a blog:

(1) When I responded to other's blogs in the comments sections.. I felt like I was using their blog comments to embed a mini blog response. That's like using someone else's site to espouse their own. Way to windy for a comment section. [just like this one has become]

(2) I was encouraged by several people to start my own blog.

I wrote these persons my concerns over starting my own blog [in email to each of them] stating that I didn't want to get into a pissing contest with others and if my blog became a pain in the butt.. it will go! Since January I've gotten one complaint after another in email over comments made and removed them. But still I kept the comments open. Then I added my email address to my profile. I've not heard from you in either of those formats till what I'm reading your blog today in a most public way. Which forces me to respond in that same public way.

So if this is just some sort of publicity stunt like Olberman vs's O'Reilly, I'm really not into it. I'm not running for office, nor monetized. I'm not in bloggers popularity game nor in competition. Nor of confrontational character, so this is uncomfortable for me to respond to.

In short if anyone has a problem... leave a comment or email on my blog before I have to read about what I may have or not have done and find myself in a defensive posture somewhere in the 1,000's of blogs on the internet.

michael molovinsky said...

dear lvci, this post was an attempt at humor, i apparently missed the boat, at least with you. sorry, no offense meant.

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

I just want to say, very creative column, Michael!

I remember Howdy well. You and I are about the same age. Isn't it curious how black & white TV never bothered us, and we were as thrilled, maybe more, as today's kids are with television?

Bernie O'Hare said...

LVCI, I highly recommend that you sue MM, but can't think of any good lawyers since I've been disbarred.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, lvci might have much more of a case against me than you realize. I just discovered that on march 8th, his posting on mayoral candidates, uses a howdy doody character, mr. bluster, as an illustration. he has changed the name of odds and ends to misc. crap. i will change my odds and ends to misc. crap as a defense to legal action. i will also change this posting on howdy doody to The Life of Riley, what a revolting development this turned out to be.

A.J.C. said...

I'm glad you said this was humor. For a second, I thought you were hitting on Pam...

LVCI said...

Alls' I knows.. when I was a kid the mayor of Doodyville (Phineas T. Bluster) never formed a 15-person non-partisan committee to save Doodydville! If they did, I wonder if it would be critically reported in the DoodyVille Bugle?

'flub-a-dub', 'clarabell' .. Where they just citizens or were they budget advisors to Phineas?

By the end of the show Pady Blackwood could make everything right again by pulling just the right strings.



michael molovinsky said...

anyone, with any investments, learned this past year that there are no experts. the only solution, perhaps with the exception of public safety, is across the board cutbacks. today was just another in a long display of dog and pony shows, bureaucrat talk.

Anonymous said...


If the law would allow you to, you could chose from an attorney, an attorney for now, a former attorney, a disbarred attorney, (all links omitted), or one of the 17.22% (2008) who failed to pass the admission exam

Or, if the law would allow, you could chose one who was not qualified, per se, to simply sit for the exam, but yet offered his or her legal opinion.

I understand, the choice is tough. Let me draw an analogy.

If your life depended on a successful surgical outcome, would you choose a surgeon who did not pass medical school, or even failed to apply for medical school?

Tough choice, indeed!

Sorry if I put you on the spot. That was not my intent.

Hope all goes well with your search in finding one qualified to handle your legal matters!

As always, Best Regards.

LVCI said...

Denny Crane!

Chris Casey said...

Hi Mike.
Just to clarify a few things.
I get the sarcasm, I really do.
I also want to make it clear, and you know this, that it was my intent to have everybody sit down together and have input with Glenn Kranzley concerning Blogger Tuesday
(Which, BTW, I am no longer a part off)
I was astounded by who wouldn't come if so and so came, and what all. Honestly, looking back more than 5 months later, it was almost like trying to herd cats!
I took a break from heavy blogging to work on a personal project. You may see the fruits of that labor in the future, at least I hope so. I always sign my name, and I tire of hearing that I don't, but does it really matter?
A hundred years from now, who will really give a damn what insults were thrown at each other today?
We aren't as important as we would like to think, it is the transition of one age to another that is what really matters. we are failing our future. That is what really needs to be addressed.