Mar 18, 2009

Dog and Pony Need Veterinarian

If there is any lesson from the last six months, it must be that there are between very few and no financial experts. The brokers who work at the major investment houses are salesman, and our taxes are now being used to bail out the advise they passed on from their esteemed analysts. Those fortunate enough to have had savings, have seen their nest-eggs reduced by 20 to 40%. When Allentown Mayor Pawlowski announced his blue ribbon panel of experts, and our City Council applauded, I snickered. My fellow blogger, Lehigh Valley Clancularius Introspectives*, who also has a post on this topic, links to the city web site, listing the experts. In all due respect to these experts, most are not; many are old dogs who will have a hard time even staying on the pony. We knew Pawlowski was no Bloomberg, but how could anybody not foresee the coming shortfall this past November and December? Likewise, how can he now not take immediate action and count on this panel for solutions? How can a City Council buy a ticket to this third rate show?



dick nepon said...


This is a pure political play. Meet first in two weeks, report in 60 days(after the primary)so he can claim to be doing something when in reality he is doing nothing. A week ago he wouldn't even admit he had a problem. Now he has asked many who helped create the problem to fix it. We need new answers, not tired old ones. See my Green Ribbon facebook page
and you 'll see some suggestions I made, and hopefully some public suggestions. By the way, this Blue Ribbon group will meet privately, no sunshine. And the public is not invited.

LVCI said...

Well if this dream team wants to show any kind creditability.. host several public meetings in various locations. A moderated blogger site for the committee? Automated call in center? Letter write in?

Let's hear from John & Jane Doe and ACTUAL situations and suggestions in a very public (transparent) way from the bottom up for a change. We currently are enjoying the results from previous experts who have not consulted with the public in an immersive manner.

I'm a bit weary of persons who speak "for" the masses. The 17's role should be to formulate a composite plan guided by their expertise on whatever sound suggestions the public might offer. Instead I fear a couple of dozen of shining stars will draw up a plan for 100,000 others who have to live with the results. Been there. Done that.

Don't you just abhor when other people do all the ciphering for you?

LVCI said...

Dick: Excellent idea. However for those of us not of "Facebook"...

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is much credibility in the LV blogosphere!

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:24, after a dog and pony show, someone would have to clean up the circus ring with a little shovel and bucket; which brings me to your comment, why do you bother to read, and more so comment, if you find the blogosphere so meaningless?