Jan 15, 2009

In Jarrett Renshaw We Trust?

So far I'm impressed with Renshaw's (Morning Call reporter) coverage of Mayor Pawlowski. Assuming he will cover the election, which will be slightly longer than the recent shelf life of city beat reporter, I'm hopeful for fair coverage. The coverage in the 2005 election was not fair. Although I do have an axe to grind with the reporter at that time, Daryl Nerl, I think my assertion is not unwarranted. Pawlowski for that election hired Bob Whittman, Nerl's former city beat partner, as his press secretary. Pawlowski's Republican opponent, former Mayor William Heydt, struggled for equal coverage. My campaign was ignored and suppressed. Nerl confessed to me he thought my idea's would resonate with the public, but he refused to print them. On the other hand, Whittman handed Nerl ready to publish stories. For this election Pawlowski had hired former Morning Call reporter Joe McDermott. Let us hope that McDermott has less clout with Renshaw.


Anonymous said...

I didn't like Joe when he was a reporter because he always had his own story to tell. The actual news was just a vechicle for his own spin.

Scott Armstrong

Bernie O'Hare said...

Are you saying, MM, that McDermott is now spinning for Pawlowski?

Joe McDermott really bothers me bc he morphed from reporter to shill. He went from Pawlowski to work for the LVP at LVEDC, i.e. the money men.

I will see that, unlike his successor, he returned every call and email. He is a spinner, but understands the need for communication.

Anonymous said...

Those revelations about the Morning Call reporters just confirmed what I have suspected for fifteen years about the hidden agenda of the people who work for that poor excuse for a newspaper. Then the MC wonders why thinking people have stopped subscribing to the rag!