Apr 27, 2008

Merchant Dog Days

On the front page of today's Business Section of the Morning Call, the Retail Watch column features Hector Diaz and his hot dog cart. It reads "When Hector Diaz noticed business at his hot dog cart on Hamilton Street in downtown Allentown took a hit from the bus stops on the strip moving a few blocks away to a new bus terminal.. Once Lanta opened down there I pursued a location there..." * I give Hector credit for knowing enough to follow the foot traffic, except it's much easier to move a cart (Hector bought a second one) than move a building. But more disturbing, and no disrespect to Hector intended, but we spend over half a million dollars a year on economic planning**, and it seems a vendor with a push cart is ahead of the curve. If one would add up the total taxpayer investment on Hamilton Street over the last two decades, then factor in the hit the merchants took by the Pawlowski endorsed Lanta move, it makes the Afflerbach Police Pension fiasco seem like small change.


** Allentown Economic Development Planning $180,000, Administration $308,681, Initiatives $70,000


Mrs. Dottie said...

If anyone tries to steal a hotdog or take an extra mustard packet they will be caught on camera.

Anonymous said...

Most likely, Ed Pawlowski LOVES a nice, sweaty, thick Polish sausage - maybe two.

This guy apparently does not like Ed.


A.J. Cordi said...

We need more of those hog dog carts in the Valley!