Mar 22, 2008

Pawlowski Strangles Boards

Pawlowski continues to increase his strangle hold over the various Boards and Authorities in Allentown. Last week Jeff Pooley and Geoffrey Brace, from Old Allentown Preservation Association, sought to pressure the Zoning Board into forcing the new owner of Cannons into either reopening the bar or converting the property back into a single family house, after being a two unit for over 60 years. Also last month Karen Beck Pooley, Jeff's wife and new Director of the Redevelopment Authority, told Linda Rosenfeld of the Parking Authority, that she might be able to help find alternative parking for Verizon workers when the Parking Authority gives away the parking lot to a Pawlowski favorite. This week Geoffrey Brace and Michael Rosenfeld, former Director of the Redevelopment Authority and husband of Linda Rosenfeld, were appointed to the Zoning Board. Confusing, hard to track? As Mayor Pawlowski said when Lanta moved the bus stops off of Hamilton Street to the terminal at the Parking Authority Deck, "I had nothing to do with it."

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Anonymous said...

This is my first look at your blog. Since I no longer reside in Allentown, I don't catch all the news. Do people know that Pawlowski managed Rosenfelds apartment under Alliance for Building Communities, (formally Lehigh Housing)? I was considerabley upset when I learned Fred Banuelos had been nominated by Pawloski to be the director of community and economic developement. Fortunately, it was discovered that Mr. Banuelos had code violations of his own for many years. Those years being the ones he was employed by Ed at ABC, later becoming president and ceo of ABC after Ed left to run for mayor. The thing that has upset me the most is nothing has ever been said about this after his nomination was withdrawn. At least nothing I've seen. As you probably know ABC is a nonprofit agency for affordable housing for the poor. Do you think Fred made considerable profit while working at ABC and being a slumlord? I just thought more should have been reported about this man and this nomination. How many other cronies has Ed provided jobs for?