Oct 6, 2007

Lanta Victims Meeting

Refusing to be quiet sheep led to slaughter, MACC, merchants and citizen coalition, announce their first meeting in opposition to the recent Lanta bus stop changes, which has caused severe hardship to both merchants and passengers. All candidates for city and county office will be invited to attend, and/or submit a position on the Lanta consequences to Hamilton Street. All citizens who empathize with the merchants or passengers are encouraged to attend. There are parallel efforts also being made on the merchants behalf, and I am solely responsible for the choice of words used in this announcement. The meeting will be held at Faith Baptist Church, 219 N. 12 St.(between Turner and Chew Sts.) at 7:00pm on thursday Oct. 18.


Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, It was nice to meet you and so many of the merchants and bus riders on Friday evening. I must also point out I am a gourmand when it comes to Asian cuisine and was astonished by the teriffic cuisine and the wonderful atmosphere inside House of Chen.

Although that place has been on Hamilton for thirty years, it was amazingly not invited to participate in the ethnic foods that will be sold during the "Dancing in the Streets" celebration that Allentown and the Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring this weekend.

I will post some of the notes I took during Friday night's meeting.

Dottie said...

Love the sheep pic, very effective. I don't understand why House of Chen would not be invited to participate in Dancing in the Streets? MM, Have you contacted Miriam Huertas at the Chamber of Commerce? I believe she organizes city events.

michael molovinsky said...

dottie, that comment about not being invited was made by bernie, we are both involved in this cause, but each have our own concerns. i heard that some of the merchants are afraid that there might be reprisals from the city for their protesting, i feel bad that they have to endure that fear.