Jun 19, 2007

Tough Crowd

Lately i've been thinking alot about my mother's cousin Abe Simon. After knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott he got a shot at Louis and the title in march of 41. Louis knocked him down in the first round and Abe took the 8 count grinning. He battled Louis for the next 12 rounds. All boxing fans know he didn't win, but he did earn another shot at the title. Its not easy for a conservative to be on the Lehigh Valley Blogosphere, i'll grin and bare it and hopefully make a point or two about really improving Allentown.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Hang in there, MM. Your voice is needed. We don't have all the answers. We just think we do. These slings and arrows will force you to defend your positions and be a better conservative. You're doing fine.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bernie. We need different perspectives to have meaningful discourse. Also, appreciate the way that you keep things civil.