Feb 22, 2017

The Trump Effect

Yesterday, a valued reader thought that my observation of women losing it over Trump was perhaps an aberration, caused by a small sampling on my behalf. Between the demonstrations and facebook, I don't know why she thinks that. Another reader suggested that the mental illness resides within me, for not fully understanding their outrage.

I do believe that we are experiencing a unique psychological phenomena, which will eventually be officially  recognized and titled.  To say that the vast majority of women I personally know are offended by Trump is an understatement.

As a political blogger I look forward to seeing how Republican incumbents play the Trump card come the midterms in 2018.  Here locally in Pennsylvania that already is a challenge for Dent and Toomey.


Dave said...

Oh yes, the "Moon Wars" against Trump

It seems that celestial forces have aligned for Donald Trump. First, he was mooned by the Republican Party from the date he announced his candidacy in June 2015. The Republican Party spent several hundred million trying to stop him and replace him with an establishment candidate. The #nevertrumpers such as George Will, Mitt Romney, Bill Krystal and others that all failed after Trump clinched the Republican nomination.

Then he was mooned by the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media who declared Trump was simply unfit for office. The Democrats during the campaign and MSM clearly veered directly towards Hillary Clinton who was subsequently exposed by leaks from the email of her own campaign manager exposing one corrupt Clinton process after another, even rigging the Democratic primaries. Several hundred million dollars more was spent by George Soros supporting Hillary Clinton only to find her screeching, "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" Indeed, if the MSM and the political establishment had their way, Clinton would have been 50 points ahead.

And who is mooning Trump now? Well, the Democrats as your photo illustrates Mr Mlovinski, but also Republicans like Mitch McConnell who took a break from accepting bribes just several days ago to state he wasn't a fan of President Trump tweeting his political views and his policies without the filtering effect of the media. Well, Of course he isn't happy about it. The one thing crooks, thieves and potential criminals hate is exposure and the criminal mafia running DC Incorporated would prefer to loot the US Treasury without any interference from the peons. You never hear the phrase "Drain the swamp" from the McConnells and Ryans and others who have made a career and fortune from being "public servants".

Who else is mooning Trump? How about John McCain, another DC insider, who claims Trump's criticism of the press is tantamount to the first step of becoming a dictator. But what of politicians on BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum who have repeatedly lied to the public about their stance on Illegal Aliens and supporting refugees from the Middle East while lying to their constituents? On that list John McCain is at the top. While he votes to send troops to fight ISIS he collaborates with Democrats and other pro-immigrant groups to keep our borders open.

John McCain also is part of the global "One world order" crowd who would love nothing more than a dictatorship in this country. In 2014 McCain was quoted as stating that not passing amnesty for Illegals was a stain on our nation's honor. In the meantime, Trump's message on immigration has walled in the D.C. amnesty crowd with the will of public opinion. In that sense the public has been mooning the establishment but the establishment is too blinded by public graft to get the message.

The fact is that President Trump now controls the narrative and the high ground inside the beltway. As the McConnells and McCains, the Ryans, the Shumans, and the Pelosis fade in the background so do the remnants of failed political policies bought and paid for by corrupt political insiders. Trump is the rising star in a universe of imploding political dwarfs.

Robert Trotner said...

Thanks for an indightful blog. What your true believers who've commented here don't realize is that Trump is so unpopular nationally that his hate filled attacks on the courts, the media, and minorities and his lack of quality advisors and posituvr results are already beginning to weaken his presidency.

doug_b said...

I don't understand - the guy has been in office ONE MONTH. What's there to hate - there's no time to see the results of his actions. It is plain to me that there is no more Democrat party. It is now a collection of leftist hate groups, and the leftist media with what I call 'Junk News'.

Tell me what's wrong with Trump (or any other president) criticizing a court decision, or the media? I know what's wrong - just something else for the foaming at the mouth leftists to get riled up about.

Scott Armstrong said...

The liberal haters hate him simply because he isn't a liberal. Think the left would have treated any other Republican president better? Look what they did to George Bush. A truly gracious man. They turned him into a monster.

LVCI said...

MM: I don't know how long you're going to keep this up. Posting a couple of loonies on the left doesn't represent the majority of women who deserve greater respect then you illustrated with this picture.

There were plenty of extremists who infiltrated the 'Tea Party' as well a few years back. Neither these four nut job women in the picture nor a few extremists who claim to be of the 'Tea Party' are what either stand for. I understand how continued polarization generates a lot of comments, but I think your time would better spent toning it down rather then adding to the noise by those who relish in such. Are you having a Hannity moment?

As far as the midterms in 2018 I'd be more inclined to believe voters will support traditionalists like Dent who is nothing like Toomey. Extremists from either party are not fondly received including your continued assault on people of reason. It's your blog. You can do want, but I'm sure many of us like myself didn't think you'd take it in this direction.

LVCI said...

Scott Armstrong said... "The liberal haters hate him simply because he isn't a liberal"

Give it up already. This constant use of the word "hate" is ridiculous. Your constant repetition of the word "hate" just because he was elected has become obnoxious. Same goes for your over use of the word "liberal".

Just because some people don't agree with you doesn't mean they are liberal or full of hate. What's the matter with you?

Sorry MM to get into this, but you started it by allowing these kind of posts. If I'm not allowed to say these kind of things neither should Scott either..

doug_b said...

According to Marion Webster: Hate

a: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury
b : extreme dislike or disgust : antipathy, loathing

Scott Armstrong said...


Are you paying attention to your own party? Hate is rampant there. Our side is merely pointing it out and laughing at it.

TRENT HALL said...

If 90% of the regular bloggers on this site are actually representative of today's GOP, then I would estimate the sane faction of the GOP is maybe 25-30% of the party these days. The rest are either people waiting to die, hypnotized by Fox News or those who are in denial the CSA lost the Civil War.

Scott Armstrong said...


Again thanks. Well done!

ironpigpen said...

"People waiting to die"? - No, that is certainly NOT "over-the-top" by ANYBODY's definition of the term. (Eyes rolling). Agree with that notorious and well-known local Republican thug, Scott Armstrong, a guy whom everybody can agree is clearly in denial of the fact that the Confederates lost the American Civil War, in that Trent Hall is the perpetual gift that keeps generously giving.