Feb 23, 2017

Lehigh Commissioners Fail Cedarbrook

At Tom Muller's kickdown event,  he announced that although not running for another term,  he would champion for the county's Cedarbrook nursing home.  That most important facility has been stonewalled by the county commissioners.  During the last few years I appealed to the commissioners at least twice that Cedarbrook is their most meaningful obligation.  Not only haven't they funded any renovation there, they have been disingenuous in not doing so. They have commissioned study after study, stalling any real commitment.  By now, the proposed modernized wing would have been half amortized.  It's not as if the commissioners are bound by conservative principle, they funded the useless, but politically correct farmland preservation.  They should at least treat our elderly as well as excessive acreage, used mostly for Jaindl turkey corn.

Although, I have been labeled as a radical Republican choir,  I supported Muller on his Cedarbrook efforts.  I supported Democrat Dan Hartzell, because he voiced support for Cedarbrook.  My support for Cedarbrook will continue, as well as my outspokenness against hypocrisy,  without regard to political party.

ADDENDUM:  An article in the Morning Call suggests that commissioner Marty Nothstein might be more sympathetic to Cedarbrook than his Republican predecessors, time will tell.

photocredit: K Mary Hess

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