Feb 20, 2017

The Business Of Anti-Trump

With the country having been so split in the last election, the losers constitute a large market share. Furthermore,  that segment is passionate in their dislike of Trump, and has disposable income.  Witness both Starbucks and Nordstroms cashing in on that sentiment.  Expect to see more businesses copying the strategy.  While Trump may have been a brand name prior to his campaign,  Anti-Trump  now has purchase appeal.

I recently have been accused of running a choir for Trump supporters.  I was not a Trump supporter prior to the election.  Since he prevailed and now is president,  I have evolved into a Trump defender of sorts, although he doesn't make that task easy.  I am revolted by the animosity coming his way.  There is more vitriol toward Trump than I have ever witnessed in politics.  At that intensity,  there can be nothing productive about it. I do believe that Trump will become the issue in the upcoming mid-term elections.  How sad that a congressman will run on his position on a person, rather than on the issues.


Scott Armstrong said...


I asked this question on FaceBook; Isn't it time to label, the Left and the mainstream media as "Hate Groups". They presently certainly fit the bill.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

We are witnessing an orchestrated campaign to discourage the Trump supporters and strip Trumps support by the elected republicans, so far it has not worked, Trump is being slowed by the process of the Senate, he then has to appoint people who are not of the entrenched Washington types, this is a very tough job. If he would just appoint the usual political hacks, it would not be long till his agenda would be hamstrung. The attempted infiltration has been going on since he won the nomination. The legislative process is coming forward in the next few weeks and you can expect things to possibly become more heated. If Trump can eliminate Obamacare, have tax reform, and control the borders, his first year will be a success. The bureaucracy in Washington and even in the states is apoplectic that Trump may actually bring about reform. The odds are against him, but that has been the case since day one.

ironpigpen said...

I'm sure there will be a lot of phony politician ponies showing off all their Anti-Trump tricks simply for the free publicity that such behavior will bring from the adoring Lame Stream Media. And the LSM will broadcast / publish countless report after report that the phony politician ponies with the nifty Anti-Trump tricks will cruise to easy victories over all their racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, 'Make America Hate Again' opponents. The exact same way that the in-the-tank LSM repeated over and over again that there was absolutely no way whatsoever that crooked and corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton would lose the last Presidential election.

I just feel bad for all the suckers that gave all that money to the Clinton Foundation expecting to get influence and favor from the new Administration in return for the cash. I feel bad for all the Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals disciples who have clearly have to spend inordinate amounts of time and energy, to speak nothing of money, quite literally protesting anything and everything. Mostly, I feel very bad for Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife because, hey, it was supposed to be her turn and I, myself, was looking forward to the over-the-top spectacle of her grand coronation.

People know what they get when they vote Democrat --- more taxes, more spending and a few more extra taxes to pay for a little more extra spending. All the nifty Anti-Trump tricks in the world won't make people instantly forget which political party is far more likely to take more of their hard-earned income away from them via taxation. Especially after eight long years of Barack Hussein Obama spending money and adding to the already obscene national debt in unprecedented fashion.

Dave said...

All of this rancor by the Democrats remind me of what seems a lifetime ago, when George W. Bush was president in the early 2000s. He was also attacked mercilessly and ridiculed in the most repulsive manner by the Democrats, including the "Racism" and "Hitler" charges by them

But there is a significant difference between W and Trump. President Bush never fought back and said very little to the constant media barrage aimed at him. On the other hand, President Trump is a fighter and Twitter has made it possible to cut out the middle man of the main stream media.

President Trump goes directly to the public and that has the effect of making Trump America's unofficial national news source. If anyone's approval rating is low it's the Media's. The old houses of wax that comprise the MSM are melting. They are no longer needed. The balance of truth has shifted. And it would have happened whether Trump came along or not.

A lot of it also comes from the Anti-American billionaire George Soros, who funds a lot of the groups like Black Lives Matter, The Women's March, the Airport Protest and other demonstrations. Soros is the Democrat's money man, and a lot of the garbage we see on the streets is being paid for out of Soros' pockets. Always look for the money... also, the simple fact is that the Democrats simply cannot tone down their brain-dead, emotion-driven, foot-stomping temper tantrums because it is who they really are

Lastly, remember that President Trump wasn't wanted by either the Republicans or Democrats because, simply, he's not one of them. You're an independent Mr. Molovinski, and if you had won the Mayoral race, You'd have both sides attacking you just for that reason.

That's what this, basically is all about.

doug_b said...

Trump was elected to 'drain the swamp'. As we can see the swamp dwellers: Republicans (who can't seem to get anything done), the Democrats (whose party has collapsed into a leftist organization of hateful people), and the Media - packed full of babbling talking heads - where a cat up the tree is breaking news - all three are extremely threatened.

All the past deals have to do with money. Why would we make a one sided trade deal like NAFTA? Someone (some people) got a lot of money for making this deal - we will never know who. Trump promises to renegotiate this, and many other pacts - into 'fair deals'. This must scare the s**t out of those benefiting from this. Additionally, it appears that Trump can't be bought.

I say to Trump: "Drain the swamp, don't waste too much energy on the critics."

ninoshinkicker said...

MM, your description of your 'relationship' with Trump matches mine. I have always believe in the merits of the adage: 'you are judged by the company you keep.' I think Trumps appointments say a lot about him. With the possible exception of Sen Cruz I don't think we would have seen a group like this from any other of the Republican candidates.

TRENT HALL said...

I don't understand why Doug doesn't know "who was for NAFTA." The fight was all covered by the newspapers/TV.

The labor unions and most Democratic politicians were opposed to it. The GOP/Chamber of Commerce/BIG BUSINESS CEOs, Walmart automobile dealers & multi-national Corporations & Banks were for it and have pushed Presidents Clinton/Bush 43 & Obama to urge it, on the grounds the benefits outweighed the risks, especially since without our participating other nations would seize our market share. NAFTA was considered a counterweight, especially to China's growing influence.

The pros & cons, the respective winners & losers, of trade Agreements are fair game, but, professing ignorance of who favors it is disingenuous.