Sep 19, 2016

Whose Afraid of Booze and Drugs

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm lite on the personal stuff. For today, I make an exception.  When I ran an as independent for mayor in 2005, somebody commented that I didn't even graduate from William Allen.  They had searched the yearbooks for several years,  and couldn't find my name or picture.  Truth be known,  William Allen and I separated several times.  This weekend I attended the 70th Birthday Party for what I consider my "class", or the fellow delinquents that I spend the most years with.   It is 52 years since graduation, and most of us turned 70 in 2016.

Graduated or not, I started College in NYC after high school.  This weekend we learn that Edward Albee passed away.  It is known that he fashioned Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf after the relationship between underground film makers Marie Menken and Willard Maas.  I'm afraid that my discipline hadn't improved much by college, because I recall a crazed evening in their Brooklyn penthouse.

I suppose that if there is a moral to this post it is to keep your babies away from booze and drugs, or risk them reduced to writing a non-monetized blog in their sunset.


George Ruth said...

Another anti-American 'artist' that the literati just loved.

Scott Armstrong said...

Hollywood always mocked the false front of American morality. That was fair, but now that the facade has been removed we are left with only unbridled immorality. Is that a victory?