Sep 20, 2016

The Valley of Lying Sacks

According to the new Morning Call/ Muhlenberg College poll,  Donald Trump is 9 points behind Ms. Clinton.  Over the years,  I have developed no faith in Muhlenberg's polls.  In Allentown's 2005 mayoral election they were 20 points off.  Once, they and the paper collaborated on measuring how the debates were effecting undecided voters.  By chance,  I knew most of the supposed undecided independents,  and they were anything but that.  At best, I can conclude that their polls are useless;  At worst,  I can suspect that they are actually trying to influence voters.

Am I cynical,  or do we live in the Valley of Lying Sacks?  Over the years I have seen Allentown City Council approve numerous mistruths.  I have seen the County Commissioners ignore history and fund political correctness.  Whose going to farm all those preserved acres?  Never mind, it will yield Jaindl cheap farmland to rent, and grow feed corn.  Even the South Whitehall Commissioners have joined the disingenuous, by greatly inflating the cost to maintain Wehr's Dam, and justify a referendum.

I'm not sure who will win Pennsylvania,  but it will not be a 9 point spread.  It will be very close.  Perhaps our local college professors should attend Molovinsky University.


Dave said...

Given the enthusiasm that the Morning Call generates for the NIZ, one can expect that the Daily Democrat commissioned a poll to tell it the results that they paid for. And of course, report it above the fold on the front page.

I can't recall when the Morning Call promoted a Republican candidate in the past decade.

George Ruth said...

Polling units on college campuses are the new 'salad bars' designed to set them apart from their competition. I think Muhlenburg got a bit jealous of the publicity Franklin and Marshall was getting, not to mention Qunnipeac in CT and now Monmouth in Jersey.
Take it all with a big grain of salt. The fact that the Morning Call often 'commissions' the Muhlenberg polls is like their commissioning Kamran Afshar to give rosie economic scenarios in spite of a decade of economic decay.