Jan 31, 2014

Tom Muller's Conversion Complete

It was suggested this past November that Muller was a Republican at heart, but had converted to the Democratic Party only to save the county from the radical inclinations of Scott Ott. The other day Lisa Scheller had an excellent letter in The Morning Call. In it she argued that the county pension contribution should be lowered from 5.5% because CD'S haven't paid that much in years. She also opposes the conflict of interest on the pension board, where most of it's members will receive the pension on which they are setting the rate. According to published reports, I didn't attend the meeting, Muller resorted to dragging Scheller's personal wealth into the debate; "I seriously doubt Commissioner Scheller has any of her wealth in CDs, or much of her wealth in CDs," Apparently, between being elected in November, and starting office in January, Muller must have been sent to Chicago for a workshop on class politics and divisive rhetoric. Although only a few months ago Muller's campaign literature featured him as a conservative businessman, yesterday he seemed like a union boss, while attempting to vilify Scheller in front of a room packed with county employees. Muller knows only too well that CD's are an analogy for conservative investments, and that insolvency caused by public pensions is the crisis of the decade. Muller won the pension board vote yesterday, but it was Scheller who had the taxpayer's back.


Anonymous said...

The voters made a God-awful decision in November, based on a sleazy campaign run by Muller.

Muller's campaign reports read like a Who's Who of special interest groups in the county. Unfortunately for taxpayers, it's now payback time, and those campaign contributions are going to be paid back with county tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Muller is hosting a meeting on Monday on the Hamilton Crossings TIF. The purpose of the meeting is to cheerlead for a taxpayer giveaway to a wealthy developer.

Earlier this month, Muller attacked the Board for passing a resolution requesting that Muller present a balanced budget with no tax hike come September.

In reports on both, Muller has blasted the Board for their "ideology".

I find it difficult to understand how someone can come out against the concept of a balanced budget and no tax hike - IN JANUARY. In addition, the budget motion passed with unanimous support, even including the two Democrats on the Board.

It would seem like the "radical ideology" Muller complains about (and apparently detests) is just somebody standing up for the taxpayer.

michael molovinsky said...

@6:22, i was somewhat conflicted when i learned of that meeting on hamilton crossings. it appears that he is promoting for the interests of the developer (and perhaps the land owner)in opposition to a previous vote by the commissioners. however, an argument can be made that as county executive, he should be promoting development. it made me think of pawlowski's public water lease meetings, when it was supposed to be city council's decision. interesting that muller refers to the commissioners using the playbook, when in fact he seems to be quite the student of his own.

Anonymous said...


The Progressive "government by intimidation" continues. As stated above, one only need to look at the financial reports to see where one's allegiances lie.

Trough Feeders=check
Progressive soft money=check


Anonymous said...

Mike ,

One more thought.

Are all these tax incentive projects required to use union labor or prevailing wage labor?


Anonymous said...

MM -

I think the "playbook" is an accurate description of what Muller's doing with the meeting.

Honestly, if the developers have something to bring forward, why can't they do it at a Commissioner meeting?

Muller's meeting is pure politics.

Anonymous said...

Muller will be an Afflerbachian bad executive. He's in office for a few weeks and he's already painted himself into a corner he can't get out of on numerous topics.

That TIF meeting will be a mess. Muller can't take the heat and neither can those developers.

Anonymous said...

No secret I'm not a fan of the Ott Cabal on County Council.

But in this matter Lisa Scheller is right.

I'd argue though that CDs aren't the right comparison, but rather Guaranteed Investment Contracts (GICs), which are issued normally by insurance companies and have been around for decades. Highest rate I'm seeing on GICs lately is about 2.5%.

Doesn't matter at this point, her point is still valid.

And she's spot-on regarding the conflict of interest.

Muller is not off to a good start. Neither is Brown in NC. Going to be an interesting few years....

Anonymous said...

if this board is THE county pension board, then their fiduciary responsibility is is to the pensioners, not the county.

Anonymous said...

11:20 -

Your logic is wrong here.

If the Board's only responsibility is to the "pensioners", why would the state allow a range of return (4% to 5.5%) that could be adopted? From just a "pensioner" standpoint, the higher amount would always be better.

Obviously, the option is there for a reason, and the Board has responsibilities to others beyond those in the plan.

ironpigpen said...

Face facts, Lehigh County.

YOU got hustled --- AGAIN.

Be it on the local, state or national level --- the People of this once-proud nation really do deserve the clowns they freely elect over and over and over again.

Pleasant day to you, Comrade Molovinsky.

Please enjoy all the Progress at your earliest convienence.



Anonymous said...

Please enough of this Transgretional Transformational Resurgence Bullshit by the local club of Political Parasites that take advantage of the disadvantaged passing the buck to the next level??????

Please write a short story on some of the history that Allentown pa had contributed to this once great NATION of the United States of America? Maybe a story of uncle Harry Trexler and his Great Great Great contributions to the Human Soul that has been wiped from the face of the earth in the name of over Developement? With underground infastructure fractures in all different unaddressed ASSpects?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

I wonder if 'businessman' Muller treated the shareholders at Victaulic and Crayola with the disdain he is showing to the 'shareholders' (taxpayers) of Lehigh County.