Jan 30, 2014

Do Local Zombies Read The News

When AOL expanded the Patch local news websites a number of years ago, I couldn't comprehend the business plan. Although it provided employment to a number of laid-off former Morning Call reporters, how could the Lehigh Valley support 12 local news sites, when it could barely support the two remaining newspapers? Did Upper and Lower Saucon really justify a site, much less two separate ones? This past summer AOL cut back the number of local editors to five. Yesterday, The Morning Call reported another massive layoff at Patch, which AOL has spun off to Hale Global, a turn around specialist. Although the Morning Call reports only one surviving editor, two others are still listed on the local sites. When AOL purchased The Huffington Post, more than one experienced national blogger questioned the price. The web makes it easy for anybody to produce a newsletter. Getting people to read it is another story. Getting them to monetize it by clicking on advertisements, is a third story.

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Anonymous said...

They are all up for sale as the new new new ReNew the valley takes over. I like the investigative reports on the local Political Parasitism. The arkaic hard copies are a thing of the past and also are part of the circus that will not report on there antics?

There are a few with a sack that have brought the acts to the attention of the investigative reader,you being one of the best Mr. Molovinsky. The interested public thanks you as I do too.

I love your stories of allentowns history, and Bernie's comical writing of some of the local polotics are just gut busting laughs. the things that made America a great nation are no longer chacteristics of the people in charge?

I do not think this one will be published, but than again you are one that has a sack to report on there antics?

patent pending