Feb 2, 2014

The Morning Call Slow Pitches To Mike Fleck

In today's profile on Mike Fleck, The Morning Call says that the political consultant  plays hardball, indeed he does. Although Fleck may play hard, the paper treated him with kid gloves. In the recent City Council race, Fleck had hired a local attorney to intimidate a candidate into withdrawing. The court ruled the action violated the election code, and the candidate, Kim Velez, was reinstated on the ballot. Not a word of that shenanigan appears in the article, although at the time, the incident was covered by the same reporters. The slowest t-ball pitch in the article concerns the notion that there is a firewall between Fleck's business consulting and his political consulting, here in Pawlowskiville? Although they mention the teenage marketing company Ruckus, they omit the fact that they secured yet another extension from the ACIDA on their Neuweiler option, even though they have resorted to now trying to solicit investors from the internet.

UPDATE: In the comment section a reader suggests,  "Let the city R's pay their volunteers if necessary to get the job done and get out the vote."  Is this the direction Allentown should go in?


Anonymous said...

I was amazed by the coverage, and also the cheering offered by other democratic operative.

Really, there are no words

Rich Fegley said...

This article alone now shows me what we are all dealing with here in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley.

If Mike Fleck is the "best" that Pawlowski and the Democrats can get then I realize that I'm dealing with liars and falsely educated men here in the Lehigh Valley.

This article states that Mike Fleck is the campaign/political "king" of Allentown and the Lehigh Valley. Nobodies.

Ed Pawlowski is the only real Dem or Rep that exists to run for Mayor? Where is the Republican candidate from all of the men and women that are Republicans in this County? Republicans seem to more often run for County seats not City seats and vice versa. Fleck is the only Dem political consultant?

I am so damn confused now but at least I know Mike Fleck lied about his education.

Fleck is a man who lied about his college education. What else does he lie about? I never thought that important people would ever lie about their education knowing that they would get caught.

Yes, Fleck was involved in the Valez City Council lies and no mention was made of this "hardball" tactic. Dirty.

I feel Fleck and Pawlowski "lost" to Donovan because Fleck & Pawlowski did not get the 85%+ of the vote that they bragged they would get. They got 62%.

They "lost" by 23% if they were certain they would get 85%. The Donovan camp showed everyone that Pawlowski was not king and that Fleck could pay 10x the money and still not get 85%.

We showed that the "regular" citizen vote does count when money can't buy the vote.

What was the point of the Morning Call running this article on Fleck? If you are going to tell me about Mike Fleck, please tell me everything about Mike Fleck. Don't leave details out.

Anonymous said...

Are they advertising on Craiglist like there opperatives in the area that rent vacant inhabitable properties to unsuspecting tenants??? There coCONspiritors never have been caught nor charges brought? This at a loss too owners that do not participate in there slumlordian pay to play deals?

The owners are forced to sell low with the hostel takover tactics of the Hamiton Street Gang of Thugs acting under colur of law? Most vacate the area to a more humanity orented state that does not have a coluded political atmosphere with so many involved any normal persons head goes into a state of insanity?

No story about uncle Harry's soul soothing acerage that is yet to go on the auction block while under the kings reign? Your sack is still intact I see Mr. Molovinsky as you are printing my true investigative reports of life of a born and bread allentownian?

patent pending

michael molovinsky said...

rich@10:17, although the premise of my post was to note the article's shortcomings, the paper did call the article a profile, vs. an expose. they did note the probe occurring because of irregularities in his reading, pa. election reports. i suppose that the contention is that mr. fleck is a junior king maker in lehigh valley. recent elections and demographic suggest that it would be very difficult to impossible for a republican to win in allentown.

Anonymous said...

When does a slime ball like Fleck leave the LV scene? Only when voters hold the candidates he represents accountable for ther decision to hire him.

Right now, we're getting what we voted for. We are better than that. The ends don't always justify the means.

michael molovinsky said...

@2:30, you're entitled to your opinion. i posted about the article because i felt that it contained some omissions, pertinent to allentown. i believe that it's common operational procedure for successful campaign managers to push the envelope. i believe that fleck is within those bounds, and apparently his clients do also. he has yet to be disavowed.

Guy Williams said...

You know how strong I feel on this subject,Mike and it pains me to hear you say that it is next to impossible to elect a republican in the city of Allentown. Not sure of the exact total but I think their are 15000 registered rep within the city limits. Their turnout is disgusting. How many total votes for Ed in Nov? Wasn't too long ago the republicans had a viable city Republican committee. Bill Heydt was a good mayor yet got the scorn from some in his own party for being aloof. We were on good financial footing at the time. Then comes 2001 and the beginning of the end for Republican candidates. Now I know how hard Scott A and his small band of volunteers worked but not sure why they had money trouble and funding for their candidates that ran. Scott would have to elaborate but for sure in fighting and pettiness among the losers in the primary insured a dem victory against Lovett. Since then the GOP get out the vote is non existant. I personally believe the county committee has to better fund the city committee and city candidates. Their is no excuse, the big R donors are in the county. Let the city R's pay their volunteers if necessary to get the job done and get out the vote. In the past R's have had quality candidates for city council but they come up short with piss poor funding and party support. As far as the dems the beginning of their current successes came with the entry of Sam Bennett in 2001. She raised a hell of a lot of money 120,000 unheard of at the time for the primary and lost by 47 votes. Yes she ran the Get out the vote effort for a number of years and lately Mike F. I can tell you one thing, GOTV is essential to victory. The Republicans can cry all they want about their current situation and the state of affairs in Allentown. I personally challenge them to get off their dead asses and organize and do what they gotta do to put forth candidates and support them to win. God only knows we need them to rise to the occasion. Last I heard this was a democracy.

michael molovinsky said...

guy@9:11, interesting notion. the hispanics in allentown are known to vote in very low numbers. so our democracy would be hundreds of paid, unemployed workers from both parties, dragging unmotivated voters out to the polls, and coaching them which icon to click. as an old allentonian, i cannot get motivated for such an urban scenario.

ironpigpen said...

The citizens of Allentown have the Democrat political leadership that it continuously votes into office cycle after cycle.

The citizens of Allentown, clearly, HAVE the results --- a $ 177.1 million dollar minor league ice hockey rink notwithstanding --- that they have constantly voted for over years.

Pleasant day to you, Mr. Molovinsky ... please enjoy the Progress at your earlier convenience.



michael molovinsky said...

guy@9:11, i will mention once again that in 2011 eric weiss ran a well financed campaign, yet as a republican, failed to gain a seat on council.

Guy Williams said...

Let me just add this if I may. All voters vote in low numbers in off year elections especially primaries. Gotv efforts require an office staff for organizing plus those that go out in the wards sometimes with the candidates door knocking. The effort is usually mounted early evenings and weekend days. You cant expect the office people say for instance Kim Beitler to work PT or FT for O compensation. Canvassers some times are stipend or reimbursed gas money with box lunches or donuts sat morning coffee etc. etc. unemployed workers from both parties in my view is a stretch. The last I heard that 68 % of the American people where unmotivated to participate in any form of politics including the vote. You have been thru the process in 2005. As much as I admire you for your efforts I believe you would have gotten more votes and would have been taken more seriously had you had a campaign staff/volunteers/ funding etc. Its no secret the whole country and everything in it rotates around money. The sad truth about our system

Anonymous said...

The GOP simply can't compete in AT. There were two class act GOP candidates (Heydt and Lovett) and they were outvoted by the D machine.

Politicians trump executives in elections. We have a community organizer as President with zero skills in management, but he is a PC cute empty suit.

I expect an other GOP antagonist loosing to a corrupt but popular Hillary.