Jan 29, 2014

In Her Blood

When my grandfather first arrived in Allentown, he lived in the Ward, on 2nd. Street. It was around 1895 and the neighborhood was full of immigrants. Some groups came from the same area in the old country, most noticeably the Syrians, from the villages of Amar and Zweitina. They were members of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, a Christian minority in a Muslim country. The congregation of St. George's Church on Catasauqua Ave., largely is descended from those immigrants. Well known names in Allentown, such as Atiyeh, Haddad, Hanna, Makoul, Koury and Joseph are among their members. They were among one of the first groups to organize, and those organizations still exist. The photo above was organized by the Syrian American Organization in 1944. Note that Jewish, on the left, is treated as a nationality.

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UPDATE: While announcing Kim Makoul's appointment as Public Defender, County Executive Tom Muller said that it's in her blood. I grew up in the era when George Joseph was district attorney. He inspired Kim's dad, Richard Makoul, to attend law school, and become one of the valley's most successful defense attorneys.

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montikea said...

Mike, George Joseph was Dick Makoul's mother Loretta's brother.
He was also the fist cousin to my dad, Chinky Charles and Fred Charles. Chinky's son Freddie was Dave Bausch's Chief Public Defender for 13 years. George Joseph directly persuaded quite a few of us to pursue the legal field, including myself.