Nov 19, 2013

Allentown's Industrial Hoax

Allentown's looking to identify an industrial area, where an investment in infrastructure can produce jobs. The Allentown Economic Development Corporation hired a consultant, to tell them what they wanted to hear. Never mind that we have an industrial area, already complete with infrastructure. Shown above is the area along the Lehigh River, where industry began in Allentown. The working railroad line is still there, as are the industrial buildings, and even industrial tenants, including Air Products. Problem is, that area is now slated for Pawlowski Transformation Number Two, turning the industrial reality into a commercial and residential hope to be. Enter AEDC and their choo choo project. Many years ago, Traylor Engineering on S. 10th Street, was serviced by the Barber Quarry rail spur. That rail branch has been completely removed, from it's start back at 3th and Union Streets. Last year, the AEDC purchased Traylor's successor, the vacant Allentown Metal Works, and sought a grant to rebuild the branch line. The bureaucracy of the AEDC would actually spend $millions of dollars to rebuild a railroad line, on the speculation of attracting an industrial tenant. Low and behold, the new study they and the City have commissioned, recommends this very nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Go figure.

Does AEDC even have a board anymore? There's no list on their website and I can't find a list anywhere else either.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Banker, I also checked and only saw the staff members.I also tried to find the N.I.Z. board members.How would I find these board members names

michael molovinsky said...

@5:34, i usually don't host questions, and especially questions to other commenters. nor do i print comments with just a word or two. call the city's community development director for the names of the board members.