Nov 20, 2013

Allentown's Study of Convenience

Shown above was a gritty industry from Allentown's industrial past. Going back to the early 1900's, the Wire Mill was along the current Martin Luther King Drive, just east of the Lehigh Street hill. Before they tore down the entire neighborhood, in Allentown's first redevelopment in the 1970's, that plant was long gone. Before King Drive, the road along Fountain Park was called Lawrence Street. Those few blocks east of Lehigh was named Wire Street. As mentioned in yesterday's post, a new study has recommended that the Little Lehigh corridor become Allentown's new industrial section. The AEDC has purchased the former Allentown Metal Works on S. 10th Street, and received an initial grant to restore the former rail line, which ran along the creek. A current grant was used to pay for the Study of Convenience. Just a few years ago, I attended a City meeting hyping the former rail-bed as a Trail Network, connecting all of Allentown's parks and emphasizing the stream.

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