Nov 18, 2013

Back To The Future With Emma

Although the Progressives, who campaigned against the waste to energy plant and the water lease this year, didn't like Emma Tropiano back in the day, or now, here's a history lesson they may find interesting. Shown above is Emma camping out by the entrance to Kline's Island on October 13, 1989. Her statement to the press. "The deal with the Lehigh County Authority to open Kline's Island to outside sewage sources has promoted massive development in western Lehigh County, drawing potential commercial and industrial development away from Allentown and resulting in higher taxes for city property owners." She was running against The First Mayor For Life Joe Daddona's fourth term. His reply. "It's obvious once again that Emma, because of her lack of knowledge and understanding of a problem, is shooting from the hip and hitting herself in the foot." She was also outspoken about the direction the city was heading in: Is Allentown in an ugly decline, with drugs, crime, filth and mismanagement rotting away the core of the Queen City, as challenger Emma D. Tropiano insists? Or is it squarely facing its problems and coming up with sound, creative solutions, as Mayor Joseph S. Daddona says?" The Morning Call, Nov. 5, 1989.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess which direction the cheerleaders at the Morning Call thought the City was heading in.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

michael molovinsky said...

there has been some changes in the cheerleading department at The Morning Call. back then the paper was still writing editorials, and recommending who to vote for. now the news articles are just flavored by the reporter's and editor's preferences.

Anonymous said...

The morning rag has now been takin over as allentowns political cheerleaders by WFMZ? This seperate entity is now even in the realestate advertisement too?