Aug 23, 2012

Allentown's Mickey Mouse Club

The Allentown Economic Development Corporation is wasting another $half million dollars on it's Baby-Diaper Changing Station, which they call the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center. Somehow, by changing the skylight panels, Allentown and Washington think that they're investing in the infrastructure of business. Meanwhile, Corbett was in Macungie visiting a real enterprise; A part manufacturer making axles for Mack Trucks. The Morning Call combined both these stories in one article, but failed to see the difference between productivity and Mickey Mouse.

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Anonymous said...

How much will be funneled off the top by the big Don Cunnelinqwist so the king and all his court jesters can build a hole as the uninspected houses burn to the ground! There is some more stimulus money comming to the city as I type from the block that is burning. I hope no one was injured!

As the king and all his court jesters would say and I quote the cancer must be removed?


Anonymous said...

Is THAT why Pawlowski's record-smashing Palace of Sport has to cost such an obnoxious amount of money ... fancy diaper-changing stations at $ 500,000 a clip all about the transformative ice hockey arena?