Aug 24, 2012

Just Rewards

The Rubber Stamp Council of Apparatchiks (an all Democratic body of bureaucrats, as is traditional in the City With No Spending Limits) passes a resolution praising the lengthy jail sentence recently given to former dissident writer Michael Molovinsky. Molovinsky, as could be expected, ran afoul of Governor Ed Pawlowski's long-awaited "Fairness Doctrine" shortly after the sweeping law was enacted. The disgraced dissident was formally convicted of "gross political agitation, conspiracy to incite counter-revolution and blogging without a government permit". That and a few other charges revolving around heinous crimes against humanity. "It's good to know that a dangerous and ruthless criminal like Molovinsky got twice as much prison time as Jerry Sandusky," Mota related. "It's rather unfortunate that notorious IronPigPen character got away, though." (The aggrivating IPP, after a brazen smash and grab operation which left the Phantoms' Allentown ticket office effectively looted of all cash and valueable credit card information, was barely able to sneak across the unguarded border with Mexico but proceeded to make his way to east Germany on the strength of a phony passport provided by Republicans)

guest post by Rolf Oeler, from comment submitted to Back To The Future.


Anonymous said...

Please consider writing a little about yesterday's terrible fire. The condition of blocks upon blocks of once-charming row homes.

michael molovinsky said...

@7:09, i actually prefer not to write about such things, unless the city fails to provide those victims with adequate followup service; as was the case with the sinkhole on 10th street. generally speaking, I see this blog as a commentary, not a news, crime or tragedy hotline. the fire certainly was a tragedy, and let us hope for a speedy restoration.

Anonymous said...

Who is John Galt?

Anonymous said...

The new photo shopped picture is truely a good
oximoron of what the king and most of his court jesters would like to see.