Aug 14, 2009

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Last night, outside the jammed City Council Chamber, I could hear the fat lady singing from her secret location. Upon arriving I had navigated my way past the protesters against segregation, discrimination and for inclusion. Being the opposition poster boy, their stares lowered my body temperature 3 degrees. Inside there were 70 critics of the plan, 25 supporters, and 100 shills summoned by Pawlowski. Included in the audience were at least two members of the Trexler Mistrust. Council started out by emphasizing that at this point in the game, there was nothing they could do about the plan proceeding. As the night progressed, it was revealed that each had received a ride in a golf cart with Park Director Weitzel, and a lollipop. Weitzel brought the playground plan with him from his previous job in Lewisburg, population 5,560. Seems that there were critics there also, but after completion, the two critics agreed with the three supporters that the playground and the new Dunking Donuts finally put the borough on the map.

As a veteran of City Council's pomposity and Pawlowski's condescending demeanor, I had no surprises. It's not hard to understand why the citizen advocates for the playground, mostly mothers of children with disabilities, fought so hard. It would be better for the city if the playground was much smaller, and didn't create expectations which are probably beyond our capacity to meet. It would be better for the city if this mayor and park director were more familiar with the park system and it's long time traditions. It would be better for the city if City Council wasn't a rubber stamp and the Trexler Trust didn't start fulfilling political agenda's.

Paulette Hunter, tireless advocate for the playground, held my place in the speaker's line when I left the chamber for a minute. Allentown will go on, it's just too bad that those who would question and/or oppose policy, are characterized as disseminating misinformation.


Anonymous said...

"Allentown will go on, it's just too bad that those who would question and/or oppose policy, are characterized as disseminating misinformation"

Don't worry, Bernie. Being an Outsider isn't so bad. I rather like having the freedom to speak my mind without fear of not being "politically correct" or being in the IN CROWD. In fact, the way I gauge if something is amiss is if TOO many people agree with the status quo...

Alfonso Todd

Looking To Escape said...

It would be better for the city if City Council wasn't a rubber stamp and the Trexler Trust didn't start fulfilling political agenda's.

I looked over the Trexler will and he does use the word "improvement" regarding the trust's financing of Allentown's parks. Trexler didn't define the word as he understood (or meant) it. In theory, the trust could finance a Dunkin' Donuts for Cedar Beach because it could be seen as an improvement.
Emotionalism won the day over sound fiscal policy. We can't afford more police, but we could afford more slides.

Anonymous said...

Mike Do you mean that Lewisburg park has a Dunkin Donuts in it or are you joking?
If you could investigate how
Weitzel got this bid. Did he
only use this one company?
No bids? Nothing. What is up with council not even asking?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:39, although i will engage proactively on plans for other parks, my participation in the cedar park plan is over.

i do not engage in such investigations.

the dunkin donut remark was meant as humor

LVCI said...

Rather then fill this blog up with my long comments on this, please see...

Cedar Beach Full Steam Ahead!

monkey momma said...

Mr. Molovinsky -
You are to be commended for your involvement in this issue and others. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe, while opponents use the nastiest labels to try and discredit you.

Without your blog and your efforts, I'm not sure anyone would have been paying attention to this devastation of our local treasures.

It seems to me that this town does not want citizen involvement, however, as the conclusion of last night's meeting seemed to already be decided before anyone showed up at council chambers. I can see why you want to bow out of this issue, and I wonder how you will approach other issues in the future? This has not been a good civics lesson for me, since I truly do feel that the mayor is acting in his own best interest, and the Council doesn't understand what they approve when they sign on the dotted line.

The only way to combat future incidents like this is continued vigilance on the part of the public, but I fear that the lesson learned last night is that IT'S NOT WORTH THE EFFORT to fight the good fight.

Anonymous said...

I admire you for standing up. Although it is men like you and myself , who must continue to shed light on the behind the scenes , backdoor, garbage that goes on in this administration. Don't get discouraged I can tell we are getting under Special ED's skin. He must pay for all the wrong he has done!

michael molovinsky said...

monkey momma and anon 12:42, i'm not discouraged and will continue my scrutiny of public policy, but i have concluded that city council doesn't have the will to intercede with the cedar creek plan beyond last evening.

Anonymous said...

Good job MM:

Kudos to you for the wonderful work you have done on this issue. It made a difference.

I am starting to plan my withdrawal from Allentown. It will take some time but it is definitely in the works.

There has been much I have gained from the abusive and exclusionary treatment so predominant in this dysfunctional biased political community.

I am lucky though, it has been more than offset though by some beautiful and wonderful support from family and true friends.

I am growing weary of it and other challenges are in the offing. Need to emigrate to an area where I feel less of an intellectual, philosophical, political and racial minority.

These places do exist, I have seen them. They have their problems. I know I need to keep fighting this fight until it is time to really go home.

I need however to choose my battles a little more selectively.

I also realize wherever I go I will have to deal with bullies like King Edwin.

Rest assured Allentown, he will move on eventually, after his damage is done i.e. this park, within five years of completion, will not be visited for any reason by any of the people who supported it last night.

Another political savior will come in. Riding a white stallion with his own version of Randy's Rangers.

He will also be lauded and praised as the new urban messiah.

He too will begin to systematically rape and plunder whatever might be left of the All American City.

Not a Shock said...

As I have opined on other issues, the City Council will feign outrage, vow to investigate, and then do whatever Eddie P decrees.
It is truly a sad day for the Cedar Beach/Rose Garden area. Couldn't a playground for 50 kids have worked? Maybe Ed will take Weitzel back to Chicago with him when he finally leaves.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ed will take Weitzel back to Chicago with him when he finally leaves.

August 14, 2009 6:49 PM

We can only hope. They can continue their laughter at the expense of Allentown's caring residents.

ironpigpen said...

"If everybody thinks the same, nobody is not thinking"

or something like that ---


ironpigpen said...

"Sometimes when you win you really lose

And, sometimes, when you lose, you really win"



"My participation in the Cedar Park Plan is over" - MM

Anybody who had their eyes open saw the fight, Molovinsky.

Who landed what and so forth.

The boxing judges turned in their scorecards. You "lost", dude. Your arm stays down while the "referee" holds the other guy's arm aloft "VICK-torious" (see the new Eagles QB MC lauds today?)

Boxing is notoriously corrupt, what can I tell you, man?


Anon 2:40 PM

You took every last word out of my mouth but probably were more eloquent than I could ever be

You are far more qualified to do tonight's program at my place than I could ever be.


Go Bulldozers. Defeat Racism.

Anonymous said...

"the playground and the new Dunking Donuts finally put the borough on the map."

thank you for clarifying that the comment was an attempt at humor. Lewisburg is one of the most incredible towns in PA. While I'm sure a park was great, this town was exceptional with or without such a park (though if it the one I'm thinking of, it is quite a park). There is something about town that needs to be replicated in other small towns across the state.


michael molovinsky said...

geoff, i could see small towns across the state wanting to replicate our iconic park system with the unique rose garden, wpa structures, etc. but why would we want to replicate an overgrown playground from a catalog? that's exactly what we're doing.