Aug 13, 2009

Going To The Well

As the citizens trudge to the well for the fourth time, still looking for relief from this ill-advised park plan, they carry the extra burden of today's article in The Morning Call. The article is a time line which gives the mistaken impression that the opponents are late, very late, to the fray. The Administration, like the article, claims the park plans were submitted to intensive public input. Obviously this isn't the case, if it were, there would be no meeting this evening. Last night a Council Committee discussed grants for a new restaurant, how many citizens know about that? Legal notices and sparsely attended meetings may create a time-line for research, but do not make an informed public. In reality, most citizens learned about these plans in mid June, from an article written by the same reporter. Let me digress a minute. This reporter, Jarrett Renshaw, is one of the best ever to cover the city beat at The Morning Call. Despite new graphics and a new website, the paper is incredibly understaffed and overworked. Renshaw, manages to not only report, but he investigates. What the article does question is where did this playground come from? The Master Plan of 2006, commissioned by The Trexler Trust for the entire park system calls Cedar Park overused and has no mention of such a playground. Apparently the Park Director, from Lewisburg, brought the plan with him from his previous job.

I started my campaign of awareness on this issue in mid May. At the end of May I conducted a meeting, Allentown Speak Out, which discussed the playground, Rose Garden and other aspects of the plan. Years ago Allentown was known for three things; our booming downtown, our industry and our parks. A City Councilman questions what they can do about these plans at this point in time, but believes the controversy will have political consequences. He has that part right.

painting; Eliezer and Rebecca at the Well, 1648, Nicolas Poussin


  1. After watching a video of a congresswoman taking phone calls during a Town Hall meeting, guess two meetings in two years would be considered by Allentown officials as intensive public offering.

  2. I am wondering if tonight will end up like the town hall meetings in regards to healthcare reform ? Either way, this should be interesting...

    Alfonso Todd

  3. Bring your flip cameras folks. Post meeting online for those of us who cannot attend.

  4. Mike, I just might make it tonight. I like the circus as much as anyone else.

  5. I know i will be there yelling and screaming!!!!!!! Get your popcorn ready folks

  6. Pawlowski will try to incite the opposition to react emotionally versus being thoughtful, composed and direct.

    Please, please focus on the issues at hand and do not become a slave to your emotions.

    However lowly this dog may be and deserve a good kick to the curve, do not let the king of lies manipulate you into loosing your cool.

  7. Longtimer here.
    Absolutely behave in soft spoken tones and logically appropriate arguments. Write things down. Bring paper with you. That is sign of success. Screaming turns off everyone and makes folks and their views look weak.

  8. Today's Call reporter story draws more questions about Weitzel than it answers.
    Why didn't he request three separate park designers from different states if need be to present to city and residents? Why only his buddies? Draws suspicion and raises concerns.
    Did Weitzel miscalculate Allentonians? Little did he know this city stocked with
    strength strong enough to break steel beams with one blow, and that's just using our teeth!

  9. ANON 1:45, ANON 3:11

    Excellent pre-game points for players to remember before the Big Game (or should I say Circus).

    Park supporters could also very well be PROVACTIVE tonight, perhaps having read up on some more Alinsky tactics all week, seeking to stir up a bad-tempered German such as myself (which is why I NEVER attend these circuses) and thereby discredit the whole anti-Multi Generational Destination Playground



    ANON 3:23

    Award-winning characterization of what I USED to think of Allentonians with your last line, in my opinion!



    MC has letters to the editors everyday, favorable articles

    The Park supporters must really FEAR what you say and how many facts are on your side, to speak nothing of potential INFLUENCE you may have, because they certainly spend enough time with damage control pieces

  10. Mr. Molovinsky,
    We had to leave early but could not help but note Weitzel said:
    While there will be no poisonous snakes he did not say there won't be snakes
    While there will be weddings, he did not say there won't be traffic jams
    this park project is so extensive how was he able to keep it secret and more importantly, why?
    if only he had spent one evening going door to door in the Rose Garden neighborhood explaining this plan.

  11. To IronPigPen
    who is that person you quote? Alinsky

  12. Attended this week's health care rally at cedar beach park pavilion. 200 or so. cars parked all the way up Ott beyond and all the way up those small nearby streets. Poor Poor Neighbors.

  13. Molovinsky,

    You totally pegged the "FACTS ON THE GROUND" thing and you wrote about that days ago!

    Pawlowski cited liability issues as reason to proceed full speed ahead at the big meeting according to O'Hare's report I read late tonight

    Who do you like for this year's Super Bowl winner?

    Maybe THAT's how to solve Allentown's economic woes.

    Start betting on Molovinsky's Park predictions in Vegas.

    Could it be a SHADOW MAYOR is actually smarter and better at this kind of stuff than an actual MAYOR?

    Perhaps the dudes attacking the "alter ego" stuff are just masking their own fears of inadequacy with respect to a whole range of things (like someone's ability to successfully administrate a city, for one)?

    That and they lack their own artistic talent so maybe they are just jealous?

    Maybe you should be legislated and regulated excessively in order to keep things fair for everyone.

  14. what happened last night? what did council decide. this is a disgrace how council has let down city residents.

  15. "Who is that IRONPIGPEN quotes?"


    Did not find it in anywhere familiar, eh?

    Answer - IronPigPen

    I know the story of Chamberlain and Hitler and how that turned out, in case you spent too much time reading Alinsky or hanging around with Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers or similar-type Democrat sweethearts.

    Sometimes, diplomacy IS overrated.

    Ghenghis Khan. He was a real sweetheart, too. Bet Obama could have talked to him though, right?

    I know Progressive Liberal Democrats hate history but it DOES NOT CHANGE LESSONS ON OFFER, IF NOT LEARNED BY ALL.

    Kum Bye Yah, My Lord and enjoy YOUR Multi-Generational Destiantion Playground.

    "Bullies With Bulldozers (With An Agenda)", ANON 10:35, in case you missed the central theme of the Cedar Beach Park story.

    Or did you buy the Racism and Anti-Handicapped Radicalism clearly being sold by certain vendors?

    Psst - tooth fairy is NOT REAL and there is NO Santa Claus, either.

    Sorry if I burst bubbles for anybody...

    Guess it is time to organize a community boycott against me and my brother (he hates Park deal, too) because we dare dissent Progressive Liberal Democrats and spilled the beans about Santa

    We are non-profit, which would be COMPLETELY POINTLESS to a true-blue PLD, for whom logic has no use, as the Cedar Beach Park Debate has clearly indicated

    Get some children to hold signs smearing us. I hear that plays well with the mainstream media. If you demonize us and portray us as this or that...oh, you know what to do.

    Carry on, pleasant evening


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