Jun 16, 2007

Muhlenberg and Peter Pan

The density ordinance in Allentown allows up to four unrelated people in any one dwelling, unless their Muhlenberg College students, in which case its two. (Actually its a zone around the college aimed against the students) Imagine substituting the sub group African Americans or Jews instead of Muhlenberg students, perhaps a bit of spot zoning and discrimination? The Muhlenberg Trustee's found a man worm enough to accept the restriction, Randy Helm. Now I do have my own ax to grind, I gave him an F in Democracy 101 when I was excluded from the Mayoral Debate at Muhlenberg. (but I fought against the Overlay Zoning District long before that) Pam Varkony and a couple fellow bloggers think they and Randy discovered the quaintness of 19th St. Actually it was that way before some of them were even born, and the older ones moved here. Hopefully they won't screw it up, but I wish they would leave it alone. Back to Randy, apparently Muhlenbergs using out of area labor on its latest project, qualifying them for the large inflated Rat.

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