Jun 15, 2007

The Hershman-Hoffman Affair

Clearly local democrats would have drank the kool-aid in Jonestown. How can one explain voting for a city auditor who is promoted and financed by the person he is supposed to watch. In the frenzy, outrages were accepted as reason. How could a person who was controller for 24 years be less qualified than anybody else? Who knows where to look, and what to look for, better than Lou Hershman. I think even if I was a straight lever puller, a real party man, a yellow dog, I would have voted for Hershman, just to keep the game honest. The controller makes no policy decisions, he only safeguards the budget. Of course, I suppose a town as prosperous as Allentown, need not concern itself with petty cash issues.


Bernie O'Hare said...

The problem Herschman has is that he's developed the reputation of being a wing nut. He's the dude who proposed a flouridation stuify commission 40 years after the evidence was pretty clear that flouride helps prevent tooth decay. He has opposed legislation that would protect employees regardless of sexual orientation. He has inserted himself into the very divisive debate over illegal immigration, alienating many Hispanic voters. Hoffman is a former bank officer and a small business consultant, and believes Lou made some strategic ewrrors that cost the city money, including inflated police pensions. Like my pal Ron Angle, Lou likes to hound people. Unlike Ron, Lou lacks the brains to make any real points. I think people wanted to try something new.

michael molovinsky said...

i'd prefer no flouride in my water, at our age its problematic for bones, it only helps children who can be treated on the surface,toothpaste,etc. that very forward orientation law allowed a dr. who was a man in St.Lukes brochure to sue the hospital and win after he became a woman(spare me cris c, i'm not homophobic) during the afflerbach administration lou found and saved the taxpayers over a mil on budget errors. i don't think people wanted to try sometime new, i think the pawlowski machine dominated a small primary turnout.

Chris Casey said...

Gee, MM, what could you have written that would make me think you are homophobic?
And the Pawlowski "Machine?"
Bernie made the argument very well. Hershman is and was part of 3 decades of policies that lead to DECLINE. Is Allentown better off today than it was when Hershman got involved? Absolutely not, and the biggest sin against him in my eyes is the contradiction that he is supposedly an astute watchdog, but he signed off on the ridiculous police pension. That is blatant incompetence, and voters gave him a bad performance review.

michael molovinsky said...

chris, cleary you and I see things quite differently, but if we can't find mutual ground, lets strive for mutual respect. i've attended alot of city council meetings in the last 15 years, lou usually voted against those measures which contributed to a-towns demise. i will not defend him on the budget signoff, but please note, supposely candidate pawlowski requested council to sign off and move on.