May 23, 2024

The Lost Bridge Of Union Terrace

The waterway around Union Terrace is divided. Cedar Creek, in addition to running in front of the Amphitheater stage, also runs on the elementary school side of the former ice skating pond. The leg of the creek that connects the two branches runs along the north side of the pond. Two bridges used to cross that creek leg; one for former train branch line and one for park users.  The train branch line ended service to Wentz's Memorial Company years ago. The park department has also ended service to park users...The people bridge has also been removed. The park can no longer be entered from Walnut Street.  

On the north side of the park along Walnut Street, the steel plates from which the metal skaters were cut, now stand stranded from their cutouts. Between them, across the now bridge-less creek leg, the pond is full of algae. 

Union Terrace was the last major WPA project in Allentown. Ice skating at the pond was an Allentown ritual. The park was a former source of pride for all citizens, regardless of where they lived in Allentown. 

As an advocate for the traditional park system and the WPA, I get very frustrated by having to use the adjective former so often when writing about our park features.

reprinted from June of 2022

ADDENDUM MAY 23, 2024:Today we learn that a new non-profit is being started to complement the Allentown Park Department. They apparently are looking to fill seats on their director board. I know of a certain blogger who is actually quite knowledgeable about the park system.


  1. but does he qualify in being diverse and inclusive.

    1. From my understanding this organization has been in formation with the cooperation of the Trexler Trust for several months. I had not been contacted, I did however today request by email to be included. The WPA structures were very linked to Trexlers' wishes, many designed by his landscape architect in 1928, then executed by the WPA in the mid 1930's.

  2. He could go down to the border and come in the usa claiming to be seeking asylum to allentown pa.

  3. Are you even remotely Woke? If not, not a chance. Knowledge, interest, insights, dedication, ... all take a back seat to the primary political requirement.

  4. Sadly, our once pristine park system will continue to circle the drain (CTD) under our watch. We can't take care of anything... just look at the roads... you'll lose your fillings on some roads... look at our non policing police as you're being T-boned by a red light/stop sign runner... look at our ever increasing garbage fees while they take less than ever... I could continue, but you get the drift...