Feb 3, 2023

Rumble At City Council

From what I understand, Wednesday's council meeting was a real popcorn event. I say understand, because readers of this blog know that I no longer attend meetings. 

These are second hand observations gleaned mostly from WFMZ. The Morning Call never covers courtesy of the floor topics, or other issues not on the agenda. That journalistic restriction is probably proscribed by their editor/publisher, who was previously their long time local news editor.  Apparently the peanut gallery at the meeting, there to complain about violence, got rowdy themselves, and some were ejected from the meeting. 

Tim Ramos would be surprised to learn that he was a Democratic candidate in the last mayoral election cycle. Of course, in fairness to WFMZ, who would think that a surname Ramos in Allentown would be Republican?

Mayor Tuerk made lemonade out of the discontent, by saying that citizen concern is the first step toward solutions.

artwork by Mark Beyer

ADDENDUM: This prohibition against reporting anything not on the official agenda, seemingly directed by Mike Miorelli, goes a long way in explaining the Call's long term failure in corruption reportage.  In a more perfect government, perhaps city council would be a check and balance against a mayor, but that was never the case in Allentown. 

In this blog's history, one former reporter would routinely call me and other concerned citizens...He now covers the White House for a national news agency.


  1. Tim Ramos and the conservative Spanish speaking residents are the only hope for Allentown. They have the incentive to build a more sustainable political environment for their children.

    1. lol yeah ok...while keeping out other groups?? whatever.. when the the republican party of lehigh valley can condemn andy roman using hillary clinton in blackface..they all can kick rocks... ANY affiliation... tim should have ran for city council or school board first...smh.. what poor hood person is gonna vote for a trump republican latino???? they arent dumb just poor... smh and to think that the lehigh county republican party pays other latino women to gaslight the emotions of black folks offended by what andy did...repubs cant call democrats racist for creating the KK, but then turn around and ok the use of blackface..smh

  2. When we go back up there for the next meet, there will be more fathers speaking out. You haven’t seen nothing yet. This is just the beginning. You should come we would love to stand next to you for Allentown.

  3. Mike is one of the many reasons you don't attend because of our dearly departed Mr Hershman? That man could curse them out so good council was thinking he was complimenting them when he was actually calling them out on the shit they all ate like a steak dinner!