Feb 22, 2023

Making Lemonade At CNN

Don Lemon is returning to the air after a six minute training session at CNN. Needless to say the training is a joke, and the joke is on their audience. Although woke sells on CNN, Lemon's marketability apparently trumps his misogyny.  He checks so many boxes at CNN... Black, pleasant looking, pleasant talking, and gay to boot...Such newscasters don't grow on trees.

As an image makeover, don't be surprised to see him doing some special on older women. The real lesson is for CNN, not Lemon... They shouldn't allow him to talk off script...He was hired as a pretty face, not a deep thinker. Putting him in a pair of black frame glasses didn't make him any smarter, even if it worked for Anderson.


  1. CNN is clearly a propaganda network that should be avoided by anyone seeking factual information. Whenever someone cites CNN as a source to support their claim, I skip right over it. Have to question the intelligence of those who fall for some of the misleading junk CNN puts out.

  2. Sad to see the great CNN which under its founder Ted Turner was the most reliable outlet for world news.Turner, not exactly a right winger, just thought the news should be unbiased and let the watchers decide what was right.
    Today the major media has now lost all it's credibility, it cannot recover without a dramatic overhaul and apologies to the
    American people exposing their fascist collaboration with the present government.
    Without such decisive action, they are doomed to become a defunct company, unless they can obtain government funding, after all, at present they are a department of the government.

  3. I was unaware that anyone actually watched CNN any longer. Now that Trump was removed from office and Biden was put into Washington to replace him. Since then , the New York media mob no longer had anyone to kick around any longer. No more Russia, Russia Russia which is all CNN did. But then, Allentown has a lot of Democrats and they still need their news source.

  4. As a Democrat, I'm so disappointed that our party nominates a rich, old white guy to be president, then pundits associated with our party rip the Republican nominees that may be African-American, female or Hispanic-American. Shouldn't our party (and Lemon!) be glad to see more female and minority candidates regardless of party????