Feb 20, 2023

A 2014 Campaign Promise


In 2014 I ran as an independent for state representative, against the long term incumbent Republican, and a Democrat. At that time, my neighborhood was gerrymandered into the 183th district, with Julie Harhart's stronghold of Northampton. In that election Harhart won her eleventh term. 

Although I didn't even come close to winning the election, I'm glad to report that Wehr's Dam has been saved. The dam survived the machinations of the Wildlands Conservancy and a complicit board of commissioners at that time. I thank the current* board for honoring the voter's 2016 referendum. I urge  them to place Wehr's Dam under their historic district designation, to help ensure its long term future. 

My same neighborhood is now in the 132nd, represented by Mike Schlossburg. I wish it was in the 132nd in 2014. I wish I was eight years younger. I wish I was nicer.

*Diane Kelly, David Kennedy, Monica Hodges, Jacob Roth, Brad Osborne


  1. So you’re in the 132nd now? Lucky you! Now you’ll get the fine Schlossburg representation that we’ve been getting here in Allentown. He works twice as hard as most other representatives, and sometimes even votes twice as much as they do.

    Speaking of great representation, I just got a large piece of mail the other day telling me he’s shutting down his current office on Tilghman Street. I don’t think it mentioned where his new office will be. I guess that will be in a separate mailer. He must have a lot of money to be able to send so much mail out.

    Meanwhile, I’m paying higher and higher water bills for the water deal he voted for while still in Allentown City Council. Funny how that worked out.

    1. Water bills... HA!!! In 36 years in this fine area (/S) I used the LEAST amount of water and received the HIGHEST bill EVER!!! They surely rigged the system!!!! (against us)

    2. And as a result of that water deal, there are fewer parks workers to keep our parks properly maintained.

      Thanks Mike Schlossburg!