Dec 2, 2022

Morning Call Fog

Those of us who still subscribe to the Morning Call are used to seeing the same stories, over and over. They even use the same opinion writers, over and over.  While I think that it would be fair to call me a critic of the paper, even I was surprised by a recent article on a restaurant closing.

The article went into what the menu had been, and where they had sourced the ingredients. They clearly took the article about the opening, and did some reverse writing, like reverse engineering on some electronic product. 

Defenders of the paper, if there are any, might say but you too use reprinted posts. But please remember that this blog is the very early morning musings of an aging troublemaker. And, last time I checked my mailbox, nobody is being charged for a subscription here.

My addendum on yesterday's reprinted post, about the abuse the former merchants suffered under the Pawlowski administration, takes us back to the recycled Opinion Writers at the Morning Call. Alan Jennings took great exception to my description of his recent editorial, opening and closing his comment by calling me a liar. He insisted that he wants market priced housing, not affordable housing (he used the term low-cost housing in his editorial), after sections of Allentown are cleared of the current obsolete substandard housing.  He doesn't detail who would pay for the acquisition of those buildings and their demolition. Currently, converted row houses are selling for about $125K per apartment, so a three unit row costs $375k...A block of them would easily cost $5million dollars. 

In addition to Alan Jennings, the Morning Call Opinion stable includes Don Cunningham. Although Cunningham himself was a former General Services Director in Harrisburg, he hasn't said or written one word about the State Hospital outrage. That is where the state spent $20million to tear down buildings, so that Reilly could purchase the parcel for $5.5million.  I suppose in Jennings' world, the taxpayer would pay untold $millions to clear away the downtown Allentown tenements, so that ?market rate/low-cost? housing could be built.


  1. I suspect, if not for local high school sports, the morning call is useless, these sports seem to be adequately covered by the other local papers. What purpose does this paper serve?

  2. I stopped looking at the internet page years ago. There are other places to find news that are less annoying.

  3. MM - $125,000 would be a bargain if the government is involved.

    Maybe twenty years ago, a local non-profit rebuilt some homes that had been fire damaged on a small interior road in the city at a cost of over $400,000 per home. The surrounding homes were worth below $100,000 at the time. It made no sense, but public funding was provided anyway.

    Also, I was reading somewhere about the current public housing project at Lehigh and MLK Boulevard. It seems that the existing apartments had to be torn down despite being much newer that most of the housing in Allentown. So maybe newer isn't always better.

    And I believe the cost of the new units there works out to about $500,000 each. Again, when the cost of other units in the city is much lower.

    Apparently, there is nothing that is either "low-cost" or "affordable" about housing when the government is involved. At least not for the taxpayers.

  4. Government is ALL about spending money, running up debt, and increasing taxes and fees. Forget about the Morning Call, it willingly remains ignorant of the nation’s decline so as not to shed light on many failed and destructive liberal decisions.

    Agreed, the Morning Call is an untrustworthy source of truth. I suppose the Obituaries are still accurate, at least.

  5. Alan Jennings shouldn’t be permitted to write fortune cookies let alone opinion pieces for any publications his missive on the original post shows how badly he craves adulation but only reaps scorn for his biblical failings to combat poverty in Allentown

    Uncle Remus

  6. Refer back, quite a few years, and you will find several Morning Call articles (each failing to COMPLETELY describe) the plans for Allentown. If you had read them all and collated them, the only conclusion that you could come up with is everything from the river to 10th (or 12th) and from Hamilton north to Tilghman is slated for the wrecking ball. This possibly explains the lack of police activity and enforcement, does it not?????? Run the area into the ground and then lament it's the only solution..... A CROCK!!!!