Nov 16, 2022

The Shadow Returns

In 2009, I presented a series of posts as the Shadow Mayor. I contended that I donned a janitor outfit and worked undetected in City Hall, where I was able to ascertain secrets and shenanigans concerning the Pawlowski Administration.  Whether that disguise was real or fictional, this blog's disclosures, along with those of blogger Bernie O'Hare, became of interest to the FBI years later, in their investigation of Allentown.

The Shadow retired during Ray O'Connell's time in the fifth floor, but now is coming back, to monitor Matthew Tuerk. I must clarify that I suspect no shenanigans or illegality from Tuerk, whatsoever, but rather think that his policies need surveillance. 

I have been told that he has run out of flags to raise from the Caribbean, Central and South America, and now is looking to Africa for sister cities. He also supposedly wants to make Genderfluid Identity Support a cabinet position.

I apologize for being a dinosaur, and thinking that Mayor Tuerk is too concerned with things beyond the proper scope of city government.  Although I will not reveal my new disguise, I will admit that I have dyed my hair. Although Tuerk wants to protect every possible type of personal choice, I heard that regard for the elderly isn't high on his priority list. In Tuerk's younger and younger City Hall, my gray hair would have given me away.


  1. I like how on the City website you can "learn more" about Mayor Tuerk (and his most important 25% Cuban
    ethnicity) as well as click a link for Immigration Resources. Now those are important services City residents might expect. I bet he's jealous that Texas sent the bus loads from Del Rio to Philadelphia yesterday instead of to Allentown. I'm sure receiving immigrants from Texas is on his wish list. Think of the opportunities for self congratulations and feeling good about himself

  2. What I never understand is the emphasis on social inclusion by governments on all levels while the infrastructure of the area (roads, underground utilities, cleanliness, safety, etc) goes to hell. Tax hikes are blamed on inflation while services dwindle for the taxpayer. We used to live on 15th Street and dont recognize the area anymore, and couldn't afford to live there anyway anymore. Governments always want more, more, more while providing less, less, less.

  3. M Duval: There are numerous suburban Townships surrounding Allentown with highly competent professionals that focus on quality delivery of services with zero emphasis on social inclusion. In addition, their local government portion of the property tax assessment is much lower than Allentown, they do not charge a Stormwater tax AND they only collect 1.0% EIT as opposed to the nearly 2.0% EIT charged to Allentown residents. No wonder Allentown can afford to offer Immigration Resources.

    1. so how do we compare a suburban area, which is literally white flight areas??? whatever... you guys are too bifg too faill.. must be nice... juerk is out to lunch to lunch though..