Nov 2, 2022

Secrets From The Blog

I publish one of the oldest blogs in the Lehigh Valley, and I might be the oldest blogger, a distinction I don't relish. Anywho, over the years I have been asked to keep many secrets, and I do.

Yesterday, I republished a post from 2012 about Arnold Fein's youth in Allentown. Back in 2012, he revealed to me that he was Madison Arnold, the actor known from Law & Order, among many other roles.   Recently I asked him if he would release me from our confidentiality understanding, and he agreed to do so. 

Although I kept the secret referred to above for over a decade, most are revealed by circumstance, much sooner...A politician makes an announcement, or the press gets wind of the story from some other source. 

Getting back to age...  I still produce the blog every weekday,  and I still receive many complaints about various politicians and policies. However, I must confess that my enthusiasm for such issues is currently subdued... The current city administration is completely consumed with inclusion, with no apparent interest in quality of life issues. 

photo of Madison Arnold from Law&Order circa 1996


  1. MM said "The current city administration is completely consumed with inclusion, with no apparent interest in quality of life issues."
    You hit the nail squarely on the head!!! The things I've witnessed in my 30 plus years here behooves me!!! The only things enforced are money makers for the city. Noise, music, etc... fugettaboutit!!! Street racing, running lights/stop signs AT SPEED... ENJOY lawbreakers!!! Not enough police, you say??? Report gun fire and the cruisers come out of the wood work!!! Double parking... the cruisers just move to another lane and DRIVE BY!!!
    Drive into Bethlehem and it's a whole other world... A SANE world!!!
    I would just like to know what the real ACTUAL plan for Allentown is!!! SSHHH!!! SECRET, don't tell anyone!!!! More rentals seems to be the only thing they're driving towards...

  2. I have a strong respect for your blog. Initially I felt you were being tough on the city but you have given me a new perspective. The current state of affairs isn't due to demographic shift but a result of poor leadership. You have inspired me to be more engaged. Leadership in our city needs to change and it is up to us to create that change.