Oct 21, 2022

Allentown Taxpayers Pay A Premium

For years under Mayor Pawlowski, Allentown taxpayers paid a premium for services rendered to the city. Rather than best value, contracts were given on the basis of contributions to the mayor's campaign chest.  

Allentown has now passed a new ordinance giving minority businesses a special scorecard in awarding contracts. While no previous discrimination was alleged,  the new ordinance is a fix to a problem which didn't exist. However, a crystal ball isn't necessary to see what problems such latitude and exceptions may foster in bid evaluations.

Pawlowski is now incarcerated for his cost to the taxpayers.  This new contract system will legally short-change the taxpayers.

ADDENDUM: Bill 72 was presented simply as one line on the Agenda, with a link to a stock disparity study, which was not Allentown centric. As it was passed, it allows the city Contract Preferences for identified Business Enterprises. Council members stated that they will fine tune it with amendments after its passage.                                                                                                                                

UPDATE 11:00AM: The above addendum earlier erroneously stated that there was no previous notice that the item was on the agenda.


  1. Interesting how discrimination is now acceptable public policy. The standards of most governments seem to be on a irreversible decline to the bottom.

  2. Well, given Allentown’s true demographics, this unnecessary ordinance should increase benefits to its numerical minority population, those labeled as being White. Oops!

    Such efforts to keep us divided by pigment color have always been wrong. What changed?

  3. And the voters keep voting the same party that has ruined Allentown into office thinking this time it will be different. It never is and in fact is just gets worse. Stupid is as stupid does and that is your Allentown voter.

  4. You would think that after the Mayor just announced a likely tax hike for next year, Council would be concerned with getting the best deal for all TAXPAYERS, not a limited number of city vendors. But perhaps vendors are easier to shake down for campaign contributions

    On a related note, over at the Allentown School District we are once again seeing that racial preferences don’t always produce the best outcomes.

    If you remember, some time ago the board decided that the new superintendent’s skin color should be the same as the majority or the ASD students. As if that would guarantee success.

    It hasn’t, and last night the board forced the resignation of the latest superintendent, after serving only a year in his position.

    The Allentown School District is facing monumental issues and lags far behind all area school districts. The district doesn’t have the luxury of artificially limiting the pool of candidates available to solve those problems

    Providing preferences based on race doesn’t lead to better outcomes. It’s ironic that the that those in charge of the district’s schools are not likely to learn that lesson.

  5. I think abandoning traditional public education in Allentown is the only real solution. I'd love to see greater emphasis on high school vocational training in CDL, ROTC, law enforcement, EMT, industrial arts, plumbing, contracting, electrician, building codes administration etc.. There are so many good paying jobs in those sectors. For those Allentown students on a college track, students could attend charter schools, parochial schools or other suburban public schools. The unique demographics at ASD simply demand new alternatives and creative solutions.

  6. These politicians react to their emotions instead of carefully reasoned thought. They don't care what the consequences are as long as their personal interests are promoted. I know CeCe Gerlach is incapable of figuring anything out that is financial. I am starting to think the same of our new mayor and of course city council. Yes the minority in Allentown now is white so I trust this group will get equal treatment.

  7. Nobody worth their salt cares to work in the confines of Allentown when they can work elsewhere with less interference, easier parking and no pilferage of their tools. Allentown has made it downright miserable for any company to work here... and we suffer because of it. And NOW they want to change it??? HAH!!!

  8. Allentown, that once great All-American city, is doomed. 😢