Jul 10, 2022

White Rage Fuels Trump Cultists At CBS News

Last week CBS News ran a story contending that there was a correlation between cities with a large demographic shift, such as Allentown, and the January 6th insurrection at the Capital. Their camera crew came to Allentown and interviewed several people, including Gary Iacocca of Yocco's.

Because the story was Allentown centric, the Morning Call subsequently did a feature on the broadcast. I think that some unrelated issues were sandwiched together, creating a correlation* that doesn't exist. 

The demographic shift in Allentown was a significant sociological event. Already twenty years ago, the New York Times noted it in a feature entitled The Latinization Of The Lehigh Valley. 

The January 6th event was conducted by Trump cultists who bought into his deception that the election was stolen. The CBS program suggests that the rioters' depravity was connected to racist rage over the changes in their respective cities.

That's quite a sandwich of malcontent that they concocted. 

* The correlation was supposedly discovered and studied at the University of Chicago.

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